Moon Manifestation Yoga Course


Using Yoga To Create Your Dream Reality


The Course:

Using breath, movement and meditation to set our intentions for the month ahead, this course is dedicated to helping you realise your goals and build your personal practice for achieving these goals, ultimately helping you to create your dream reality. Working in line with the power of the moon, this course will guide you through four practices that you can come back to time and time again to reset, refresh and realign your monthly manifestations. If you ever feel stuck not knowing where your life is heading, find yourself repeating the same patterns over and over again, or simply want to learn more about the power of manifestation through movement, then this course is perfect for you. Yoga teacher Sasha Cook will guide you through practices that are designed to help you realise the control you have over your present and your future. Flow together to unlock your infinite potential.

The Teacher:

Sasha Cook is a Yoga Teacher and Natural Healer based in London, England. The style of yoga she teaches is founded on helping you to discover your intimate relationship with your own body and mind, as we are all beautifully unique individuals both inside and out. In the classes Sasha teaches you can expect a Vinyasa inspired physical practice to build strength and openness through movement, combined with breath work and meditation to create a very holistic practice. Yoga is a powerful tool that can strengthen our relationship with our mind and body, giving us a powerful foundation to be our best possible selves in everything that we do.

What You Get:

The course consists of four guided yoga sequences, one for each quarter of the moon cycle (New, First Quarter, Full, Last Quarter). These sequences are intended to be practiced for approximately a week at a time, in line with which phase the Moon is in at that time. Along side these practices we will be publishing a journal template, a ritual guide and a list of morning affirmations and evening mantras that can be used in conjunction with the yoga practices to document what has been experienced throughout the course, and what has changed throughout the cycle.

Access The Course:

You will be given access to the downloadable course introduction alongside your order. You can access the course here.



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