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The Best News and Politics Instagram Accounts 2022

The Best News and Politics Instagram Accounts 2022

Instagram is what you make it. Fundamentally, by following the right accounts you can make Instagram a positive, educational and beneficial place. The app has become much more than seeing what your friends are up to. For many, it’s developed into a source of news and information and it’s vital to consider the feed you’ve curated. These news and politics accounts give unbiased, valid news data and information in easy to read, bite-sized items that will simply enlighten your knowledge of current affairs.  

Simple Politics: @simplepolitics

Political news online is too often tainted by partiality, debates and personal opinions. Simple Politics’ aim is to provide its followers with broken down, bullet pointed political news to explain merely what is happening now, and the possible outcomes.

The Economist: @theeconomist

The Economist’s Instagram consists of informative snippets from their magazine, focusing on current affairs, politics, technology and international business. In just an image and a caption, their posts are all-consuming short articles that provide respectable and insightful think pieces and news updates.

Time Magazine: @time

The forerunners of photojournalism, Time Magazines Instagram highlights their most significant news reports, with their photos depicting most of the story. Ideal for a visual news flash, this account owns the saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’; and it is arguably rather difficult to find any bias point of view within an image.

Good Good Good: @goodgoodgoodco

On the contrary, Good Good Good ditches politics and highlights all the wholesome good in the world. Plus, this newspaper offers factual and meaningful information that is worth knowing. So, not just pandas giving birth in a zoo, but positive climate change articles and valuable information on social justice issues.

Do you get any of your news from Instagram?

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