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The New Mood-Based Fitness Trend Helping You Achieve The Best Results

The New Mood-Based Fitness Trend Helping You Achieve The Best Results

This is a guest article written by Olivia Brierley, the founder of Mindfulsoul Movement Library.

What are mood based workouts?

They are exercises that have been thoughtfully curated to suit your mood, whether that’s anxious, energetic, menstrual, mindful or lethargic and they help support your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Matching your exercise class to your current mood allows you to achieve the best results possible within your capabilities or expectations on that particular day. You can engage in these exercises with your full attention, perform mindful movement and therefore get the most out of your daily practice.

What are the benefits of mood-based workouts?

There is a lot of information on different types of exercises that will benefit the mind and body, however there is minimal information on what class is right for your mood. Often a high intensity workout is our go to exercise, which could be piling on more stress. Hitting the pause button on these types of classes or opting for a low impact workout style to suit your mood might be better. Listening inward and practicing intuitive movement and mindfulness can improve your overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

When we are in a particular mood, endorphins are present in the body. They are responsible for certain triggers. Being able to match an exercise class to these emotions is beneficial and will lead to a more mindful flow. This allows you to get the most out of your physical activity. 

The Mindfulsoul Movement Library allows the community to choose their class based on the following moods: energetic, lethargic, anxious, mindful, stressed and menstrual.

Lethargic: If you are feeling lethargic then a 20-minute energy boosting Pilates class can help to boost your overall energy levels while being introduced to the benefits of Pilates. When we are feeling tired, lethargic, getting ourselves motivated for a workout can be hard. Opting for a low impact workout gives you that short, sharp energy boost to help get you through your day or evening. Mindfulsoul Pilates offers classes consisting of feel-good moves and controlled breathing to help you feel the freedom and form a strong connection to your body.

Stressed: meditation could be a good option; it is all about hitting the pause button and can help to produce a deep state of relaxation. Focusing on the breath and finding stillness can reduce busy brains and crowded thought patterns. Mindfulsoul Pilates offers a seated, moving meditation which is all about hitting the pause button when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Energetic: I would suggest a dynamic flow incorporating power, balance and precision. A Pilates power flow is still a low impact workout. If you are feeling energetic then a stronger flow will help you to engage those deep, smaller muscle groups and with a movement chain in the body to help cleanse the nervous system and match that energetic mood. A healthy nervous system helps release stress and engage with those mood-boosting hormones. Mindfulsoul Pilates has lots of dynamic flows that also incorporate equipment.

Menstrual: I would suggest a bolster related class. Start the class off by lifting the legs and propping them up with a bolster. This helps to release any tension in the lower back. Followed by some deep belly breathing to increase blood flow and reduce any aches and pains. Exploring different parts of the pelvic floor, allowing you to notice different sensations in the body. Inviting you to use your breath to make space and to help calm the nervous system down. Perfect for when you are menstrual!

Anxious: choose a class that primes and tones your nervous system. Bringing your body to a state of calm with a gentle class, allowing you to develop a deeper mind body connection. Mindfulsoul Pilates has lots of restorative classes. One of my favourites is called ‘soothing and calming the nerves’.

Mindful: when we are feeling mindful it means we are aware of our bodies, our thoughts and feelings, bodily sensations and environment. Therefore, it is time to tune into a mindful flow, practicing intuitive movement and being in the present moment. Inside the Library there is a ‘find your flow’ class. We take every move and stretch slowly and mindfully!

After years of scrolling endlessly through the internet I struggled to find a platform that offered a variety of classes and support to help navigate and alleviate my anxiety. This is how the Mindfulsoul Movement Library was born. I wanted to design an online platform that would provide clients with all of the tools and movement techniques that I had used to tackle and manage my anxiety.

If you would like to try the platform out I am offering a 50% discount code: FLAURAWELLNESS50. The membership will give you access to unlimited access to premium and exclusive on demand classes, with new content added every week. Visit Mindfulsoul Movement Library here.

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