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My Honest Experience of a P.volve Personal Training Session

My Honest Experience of a P.volve Personal Training Session

With gyms shut during most of lockdown, many of us have had to resort to outdoor workouts, follow-along tutorials on Youtube or zoom sessions to stay fit and healthy. The first two are free and pretty easy to incorporate into your routine, but I was solidly sold on the effectiveness of the last of the three after trying an hour-long Personal training session with P.volve.

P.volve is an innovate fitness company that provides unique on-demand video workouts, equipment and individual or group live (in-person and virtual) personal training. At the core of all of their workouts is a unique method that seeks to create exercises that “mimic the way your body moves in real world situations.” In other words, their workouts are based on your individual needs, tapping into every-day movements (such as stretching, or walking on the balls of our feet) and incorporating rigorous training to help us develop in these areas. Alongside their workouts, they also sell exclusive equipment and workout kits, which include gliders, a resistance ball, heavy ankle bands and more.

I was lucky enough to train with the fantastic Jalila in a one-hour PT session. From the get-go, the session was personalised and adapted to my body-type and fitness level. The exercises targeted different areas and needs. We went through quite a few exercises that focused on stretching and balance, using both no equipment and the P.ball. I found them to be a great way push my limits and felt extremely liberated, if a bit tired.

We also used the gliders and the P.ball to work on my abs and inner thighs, and the innovative workouts (which I’d never done before) did produce a hard-earned burn. From adapted side-lunge squats using the P.ball to test my thighs, to plank knee drives using the gliders, the workout incorporated varied exercises to create a fun and diverse routine.

Jalila was a great trainer throughout the session, providing great energy and motivation with each exercise. Overall, I found the session enjoyable and invigorating, and I managed to pick up a few new exercises that I’ll be incorporating into my workout routines going forward.

Whether you’re new to the PT experience or a seasoned vet, P.volve is an experience you’ll likely gain a lot from. The company has adapted many every-day exercises to create their own unique method that is fun, engaging and, more than anything, designed to produce the desired results. Head to a P.volve destination if they have one in your city, and if not, make sure to grab a kit and stream/book a training session online.

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