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Take Your Bath & Body Care to New Heights With Soak Sunday

Take Your Bath & Body Care to New Heights With Soak Sunday

Everyone loves an indulgence, and your bath and body care routine should allow you to get lost in scents and sensations. That’s exactly what “sensorial” bath and body care brand Soak Sunday provide. They create beautiful sustainable products that are great for your body, your mind and the planet!


If you’re looking for your next set of bath products then you’ll love the Rose Utopia Botanical Bath Soak. The gorgeous glass bottle is filled with a blend of himalayan salt, lavender, rose petals and more…all designed to help you relax and unwind after a long day. I absolutely love the smell of this bath soak as it evokes everything floral and soothing.

Another favourite product to finish off your bath routine is their Midnight Storm Botanical Bath Body Oil. I’ve loved using this on my skin as both an essential source of moisture and as a soothing practice to calm the mind. The oil is rich in nourishing oils such as jojoba and sweet almonds, and can also be used in your bath.


Soak Sunday also cater to your skincare needs with their unique array of face masks. I’m a fan of the Midnight Storm Transformative Clay Mask, which uses black kaolin clay and charcoal to help draw out impurities and detox the skin. After using it for a few weeks, I’ve noticed a definite decrease in breakouts and my complexion is beginning to clear up! Apart from actually working, the mask is also a great add to your overall routine!


Finally, if you’re ready to lay down and get your beauty rest, Soak Sunday come to the rescue with their Rose Utopia Sleep Balm. I’ve been using it most nights on my wrist and behind my ears and have found my sleep to be noticeably improved. The balm smells great, and uses this aromatherapy to help lull you to a deep and restful sleep!

Soak Sunday is not only great for your lifestyle routines, however, but is also a beautifully sustainable brand. They use plastic free glass and aluminium bottles and recyclable packaging for their products, which are all vegan cruelty free. So, you can be rest assured that in indulging your senses you’ll also be helping the planet. Shop Soak Sunday here.

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