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Enhancing Your Beauty from the Inside With Cutizana, The Complete Liquid Collagen Supplement

Enhancing Your Beauty from the Inside With Cutizana, The Complete Liquid Collagen Supplement

It used to be confusing choosing a collagen supplement. That is until Cutizana came along. Cutizana by Clinic Nutrition is the tasty single serving liquid shot you can take in the morning. It’s packed with a huge 10g of marine collagen, plus hyaluronic acid, biotin, silica and more. Cutizana has all the nutrients you need to support healthy hair, skin and nails from the inside and is widely sold in salons and beauty clinics.

Simplifying Choice

In a world where there are so many beauty supplements on the market, Clinic Nutrition aims to simplify the choice for you by delivering nutrient-packed, delicious tasting supplements that are a pleasure to take, without ever being over-priced to match a hype.

Collagen, Elastin and Keratin

The reason collagen is so important is because the amino acids in the type 1 and 3 collagen are all used to form collagen, elastin and keratin. It is collagen and elastin that give our skin its fullness and elasticity whilst keratin is the main component of our hair and nails.

Whilst there are other liquid collagens, none contain 10g of collagen plus a breadth of supporting nutrients.

Liquids versus tablets

Studies have shown that liquid supplements are absorbed by the body at a much faster rate than tablets. When you swallow a tablet supplement, the body only utilizes approximately 39-53% of the nutrients inside the capsule.

In every Clinic Nutrition product, the nutrients are dissolved into a liquid.  This allows for a broader range and greater quantity of nutrients in the blend, whilst ensuring maximum absorption and easier digestion.

A tablet can only ever contain up to 1g or 1,000mg of nutrients – this is why liquid supplements are changing the way people support their health.

There are no fillers in Cutizana as in tablets and it would take twenty 500mg collagen tablets to have the same 10g or 10,000mg of collagen found in Cutizana.

The science behind the nutrients

All of the nutrients in Cutizana are carefully selected and backed by real science and research to support the natural production and maintenance of collagen, elastin and keratin.

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