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Here’s How Flower Essences Can Help With Your Mental Wellbeing

Here’s How Flower Essences Can Help With Your Mental Wellbeing

This is a guest article by Saskia Marjoram, a gardener, florist and, for the last 18 years, a flower essence producer and practitioner with her own range of flower essences.

You might have heard of people mentioning Flower Essences and wondered what they are and how they work and if they might help you. Hopefully the following will give you some answers….

Flower Essences are also known as Flower Remedies (think Rescue Remedy). They were first developed as a system of natural healing in the 1930’s and have been used ever since with great affect to help people deal with trauma, mental well-being, behaviour issues and self-development.

They are usually taken as drops under the tongue and preserved in alcohol. They don’t smell and contain the vibration of the plant they are made from and contain no material matter which means that they won’t interact with any medication you are already taking and are completely safe to take from birth onwards.

Have you tried Flower Essences?

We know that a record or CD holds sound vibrations and whenever we want to hear that song we can play it back whenever we like and it changes the way we feel. Well essences are a bit like that. When you absorb an essence into your body you are able to ‘hear’ that plant’s unique ‘song’ and learn the lessons it has to teach you as it changes the way you feel. The vibration, which is held as a memory between water molecules, is transferred through all of the water in your body so that you are able to take on the key characteristics of that plant.

For instance taking the essence of Oak can help you take on the strong, slow steady energy of that tree. This makes it very good for people who are always working and rushing and find it difficult to stop. Using buttercup essence brings a smile back to your face, an inner confidence and helps you to shine your true light – who can’t help feeling just a bit better when they think of a field of buttercups? So, imagine how it might be if you take that energy into yourself to feel it more fully.

Essences work on an emotional and behavioural level rather than a physical one and can help you to unlearn negative patterns that have built up, as well as helping you deal with traumatic situations. They are incredibly useful to use when experiencing anxiety, worry, lack of confidence, fear, grief, dark thoughts etc. as well as freeing yourself from behaviours that are no longer useful to you.

Taken two or three times a day for a couple of weeks is often all it takes for you to start behaving in a different way and often the change can be felt after just a few minutes or hours in acute situations – like having an accident or before a situation you are fearful or nervous about.

So, as you can imagine, during this past year flower essences have really come into their own and are being used by more and more people across all walks of life. 

Our mental wellbeing is being challenged beyond our imagination and most of us have struggled with negative thoughts, interrupted sleep, anxiety and very low moods. I fear we have only just seen the beginning of the damage that this pandemic has caused and it’s going to be a long uphill struggle for many as life opens up again to some kind of normality. But luckily we have the wisdom of the plants to teach us, to show us the way through, to support us in our daily struggles, to heal us when we feel beyond repair.

Flower Essences work gently but powerfully to help us deal with everything that life throws at us, they help to bring hope and strength and support back into our lives when it feels like it has gone forever. They help to bring perspective and positive energy, they readjust and realign us back onto our paths and are incredibly safe and easy to use.

Each flower has something different and they are often made up into combination essences to help with more common issues. This is probably the best place to start if you are new to essences as they are much easier to choose.

So, if you or members of your family are struggling to get through this difficult time please give flower essences a go, they really are incredibly effective drops of flower magic.

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