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How To Stay Productive While Working From Home (WFH)? Here Are 3 Tips

How To Stay Productive While Working From Home (WFH)? Here Are 3 Tips

Lockdown lasted for almost a year, and while a lot of things in our daily lives changed in that time, one of the most prominent is the way we work. Many of us are still working from home, and while you may have perfected your WFH habits, here are a few helpful reminders of how you can get the most productivity out of your day.

Create A Routine

It’s easier than ever to roll out of bed 15 minutes before your first meeting or skip lunch/eat while typing out emails. But this can wreak havoc on your productivity as you won’t be allocating time to focus and perform tasks to the best of your ability. Try setting yourself a routine to add structure to your day: a time to wake up every morning, a set lunch time, blocking out different tasks for different times of the day. While it may seem monotonous (and you can of course switch things up a bit), having a routine will let your brain know when it needs to be on and when it can have a bit of a rest.

Say No

Blurred working hours and endless zoom calls/emails may have us saying yes to things we normally wouldn’t. This could mean that we’re piling up tasks that may not even be ours or that we can delegate to others so that we’re not overworked. To help you stay productive, practice saying no. Say no to a work call after 6 or 7pm, say not to that extra task that a colleague doesn’t want to do, and say yes to focusing on your job and responsibilities. You’ll be able to produce more quality work that way.

Switch Off

Work/play/sleep/eat – all in the same home. This blended life routine may mean that we’re eating while we’re meant to be working, playing while we’re meant to be sleeping and every other combination possible! To stay productive during your working day, extend point no.1 of routine to switching off at a certain time. Be that 5,6,7pm – set a time each day where you allow yourself to completely put work aside and focus on other things in your life. Drawing these boundaries is not only healthy, but can push you to perform better within the time allocated for work.

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