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3 Important Lessons For Our Mental Health Post-Lockdown

3 Important Lessons For Our Mental Health Post-Lockdown

This is a guest post written by life coach and founder of Heart Space, Ben Bidwell. Ben, AKA the Naked Professor, is a mindset & purpose coach, writer & public speaker who is living his own purpose by inspiring others to achieve their deepest potential. Having been on his own journey from a masked man drawn to “toxic” behaviours, to an awakened & open soul, his story is deeply authentic & relatable.

1. Find a healthy balance between being and doing. 

Over the last year lockdown has meant we’ve been forced to stop living as human doings and become human beings again. Of course it’s been challenging in many ways, we’d learnt to become very used to the endless activities available to us in the free world, many of which gave us joy & an escape from the challenges we felt. As a result, finding happiness on the inside wasn’t something we knew very well.

I believe a healthy aim is to find a balance between living as a human being and a human doing. If we can live in a way where we don’t rely on doing something to be happy, by instead creating a healthy relationship with ourselves, then life becomes a lot easier. So, first & foremost when the world opens up for us once again, let’s not get lost in doing doing doing, check-in with the relationship with yourself & see how that feels. An unhappy person on the inside will always be chasing, a happy person on the inside can live happily either in being or in doing.

Are you feeling anxious about post-lockdown life?

2. Lean hard into gratitude. 

We are programmed to always be on the lookout for threats or challenges that may arise, a way of being that gives us an innate ability to be very good at surviving. However in today’s world many of the true threats to our lives have been removed, yet our programming hasn’t adjusted. We spend a lot of time worrying about things that never happen.

A great way to counter this is to really lean into gratitude, that means rather than letting thoughts of what could go wrong grip you, really embrace and lean into gratitude for what is existing in this very moment & place trust that all will be good in the future. That’s living in the present moment, & that’s a great way to truly feel alive. This period of time can be a great reminder to us all to be more grateful than ever for the world we live in.

3. Protect your values. 

The danger is that when lockdown ends, we say yes to everything just because we can. Saying no out of respect for our deepest values is a key act of self-love. Know what really matters to you at a deep level & be committed to that, even if what appear to be more tempting offers come in, are they tempting or are they helping you get closer to your deepest values? I love the philosophy that says, “don’t sacrifice what you want most, for what you want now. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should; easy decisions can lead to a hard life.”

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