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Workplace Wellness: Hermione Underwood, UK CEO of JSHealth, on Communication and Individual Productivity

Workplace Wellness: Hermione Underwood, UK CEO of JSHealth, on Communication and Individual Productivity

Welcome to our brand new Workplace Wellness series, where inspiring women at the top of their careers share their insights into finding wellbeing while striving forward at work. Today, we speak with Hermione Underwood, the newly appointed UK CEO of Australian wellness brand JSHealth.

Hermione Underwood has recently been appointed the UK CEO of leading Australian wellness brand JSHealth Vitamins, as part of their continued global expansion. As UK CEO, Hermione is responsible for building the brand’s European operations and team, liaising daily with the company’s global CEO and Company Directors to make top level logistics, operating and marketing decisions. Underwood’s aim is to continue JSHealth’s expansion into Europe, securing it as a household name and recognised brand in the health care sector.

Hermione grew up in Sydney, Australia, where she attended the University of Technology and majored in Communications. Underwood has always exuded a business mind and entrepreneurial streak, both of which brought her to the UK in her early 20’s. Enthusiastic about communications Hermione then went on to launch her successful PR company The H Collective, where she continued to grow and consult to a network of clients both UK and global, carving out a unique expertise in launching international brands into the UK market.

FLAURA: You’ve just been named the UK CEO of JSHealth! Could you describe what the journey getting here has been like?

Hermione: I think the most surprising aspect about this journey has been realising that every experience, email and client was leading me exactly where I was meant to be today. Looking back I can now see that each and every little detail was taking me exactly where I wanted to go, and yet I could have never have predicted this is where I was going to end up.

F: You’ve had an impressive career so far – what activities/practices have helped you maintain your mental and physical wellbeing while progressing in your work?

Writing! I write a lot and have practiced visualisation and manifestation since my early twenties. Along with gratitude, it helps keep me focussed in my career and personal pursuits and generally, just happy and grateful about where I’m at!

F: COVID has upended the way that we work and forced many of us to work digitally/remotely. How do you keep/plan to keep your team motivated amidst the changes?

We speak constantly across all platforms including Zoom, WhatsApp, calls, emails and even instagram inbox! As a team we feel proud about our product and the benefits it offers our customers and global community. Seeing the genuine before and after journeys on a daily basis encourages us to stay motivated and keep giving it our all.

F: Companies like Innocent Smoothies have seen a lot of praise for their sabbaticals, subsidised massages and other employee wellbeing strategies. Are there any companies that you particularly admire for their workplace wellness practices?

Our JSHealth founders, Jess and Dean, practice what they preach and work constantly to find a healthy balance between work and lifestyle for themselves and their employees.

When it comes to other companies I admire, I’ve heard ASOS has Puppy Fridays, so I’m always desperately trying to persuade my employees to get dogs!

F: What advice would you give to other managers hoping to improve their team’s productivity?

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Communication is key! Talk to your team and find out when they are more productive, to ensure they can perform to the best of their ability. I encourage my employees to run their day so it works to their individual productivity and needs.

F: What advice would you give to employees hoping to broach the subject with their seniors and improve wellbeing practices in their workplace?

Just do it! We are always looking for ways to improve the company culture and it’s impossible to do without feedback and communication.

Top Wellness Habits

> Fuelling my body and remembering to eat and drink enough water.
> Taking my JSHealth Vitamins morning and night.
> Carving out time to exercise even if it’s a 20 minute walk whilst on a call or doing one our JSHealth App workouts in the office or at home.
> Taking the time to do something for myself away from technology (journal/ meditate/read).
> Ensuring I get enough sleep.

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