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A Hypnotherapist Shares 4 Ways You Can Overcome Mental Blocks to Success

A Hypnotherapist Shares 4 Ways You Can Overcome Mental Blocks to Success

This is a guest post written by Juliet Obodo, a Master Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer with a mission to help treat, heal, and transform racism as well as facilitate individual and corporate transformations through brain training.

Contrary to popular opinion, success is a journey not a ladder. And on that road, there will be stumbling blocks. Here are some common ones:

  1. A lack of consistency. Your efforts must be consistent if success is the objective. Create daily habits and stick with them.
  2. Having too many goals. Having too many can result in poor results. Decide which of your objectives is most important and concentrate your efforts accordingly.
  3. Unclear objectives. You’re uncertain about what you want, so your results will be limited.
  4. Limiting beliefs. Doubt and uncertainty are very limiting. Negative thoughts provide negative results.
  5. Fear. Fear can show itself in many ways. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of how your friends and family will treat you if you’re successful. Fear of approaching new customers. Fear of criticism.

How do you overcome these blocks? Mental alignment is the real key to your success.

So how do you obtain mental alignment? How do you effectively communicate your true goals, wants, and needs to your subconscious to get it on board? And avoid self-sabotage, self-doubt, negative self-talk and, indecision?

The answer is a multitude of ways, but the most effective methods that I and my clients have experienced are:

  1. Super Specific Visual Goal Setting: To send the images of your goals to your subconscious. When writing down your goals picture yourself hitting them. What would it look like for you to have a 10K month in business or get that promotion?
  2. Hypnotherapy: To calm your mental environment to send the right pictures, sounds, and feelings to your subconscious. Even if I weren’t a hypnotherapist I would constantly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who struggles to be, or do what they truly want.
  3. Custom Sleep Sublimals: Using the info from your goal-setting session to create affirmations that are organized in a specific order to reiterate your life plan & vision. Then record these affirmations at a low volume to listen to while you sleep. The subliminal bundle I created for clients has created so many shifts.
  4. Super-Charged Affirmations: These are affirmations using NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and are organized in a way that communicates directly to your subconscious. They need to focus on your beliefs rather than your behavior in order to work.

These are my favorite methods and I’ve found them to be the most effective for myself and my clients. Pick one or two and stick with them for a month and you’ll feel a shift in your mind and see it in your life.

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