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Beat the Blues With This Uplifting Aromatherapy Set

Beat the Blues With This Uplifting Aromatherapy Set

Winter is slowly setting in, and many of us may suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) or milder everyday blues from the colder weather. That’s why it’s important that we look after our wellbeing to help boost our spirits and keep our mood lifted! One new practice that I’ve enjoyed exploring is aromatherapy, and one particular brand that’s nailed the healing process ilāpothecary.

Named after the Sanskrit word for ‘earth’, ilāpothecary is a beautiful British brand that employs everything from numerology to homeopathy to create products that aim to help us “counteract urban stressors, environmental and digital pollution, mental stress, hormonal imbalance and body fatigue.” The brand creates everything from “feminine happy oil” designed to soothe the body to “digital face mist” to help fight photoaging. One of their most relevant selections to how many of us may be feeling in the coming weeks is their Beat the Blues range.

Made up of the bestselling shower and bath oil, room spray, and pulse point, the Beat the Blues range is a beautiful and useful curation of products that are designed to be therapeutic and bring some calm into your life. Created from a blend of essential oils including clary sage (known as nature’s ‘happiness inducing’ oils and used to inspire and revitalise) and petitgrain (known as a ‘releasing self-accepted angelic fragrance’), the room spray is truly an uplifting scent. A few sprays will envelop the room and provide an almost instant perk-up. The times that I have used it have provided an immediate burst of energy and lifted my mood quickly. The pulse point also provides a similar way to boost your spirits with a blend of clary sage, petitgrain, tuberose and geranium to help heal and uplift and I’ve begun carrying this around with me to quickly apply when I need some balancing.

The products in the collection are all also created around the number 27, which in numerology is about “believing in yourself and listening to your intuition.” If you’re looking for the perfect set of products to keep your head high this season, or the perfect gift to boost a loved one’s mood, then I’d recommend investing in the Beat the Blues collection. Trust me, you and your mood won’t regret it. Buy your set here.

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