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The Wellness Subscription Box You Need To Get Your Hands On

The Wellness Subscription Box You Need To Get Your Hands On

Some things are good, some things are tell your friends about it good and some things are share it with the FLAURA community good. You can probably guess which of these our new favourite subscription box, Ayusya, falls under!

Ayusya was founded by Nadia Anderson, who has spent most of her career working in the music events industry. “I was suffering with adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalance which started to affect my energy levels on a daily basis,” Anderson tells us. “This spurred my interest in nutrition initially, however as I began self educating and finally training in holistic health, I realised it’s not just about food. When it comes to hormone imbalances, stress has a huge part to play. The typical modern woman is supposed to be doing it all; be beautiful, work hard in her job, and be mothers. Noticing the pressure I put on myself, and having conversations with friends who were also suffering is what made me want to create Ayusya.”

Anderson drew inspiration from both Eastern and Western wisdom to “simplify self-care for women who are already facing the stress of modern society”. Enter Ayusya’s seasonal box, a beautifully bundled package delivered to your door with everything you need to beat the winter blues!

The winter box includes a number of exciting products: organic tincture, ashwagandha, omega oil blend, vitamin D face cream, gua sha, palo santo bundle, MCT, tea and more. Each product was carefully curated with your wellbeing in mind to empower you holistically, so that you get to know the rhythm of your body.

I was personally most excited for the ashwagandha and gua sha. Ashwagandha is a great herb that you can pop into your tea, smoothie or just a cup of hot water and drink to help de-stress, relax and fight a number of ailments such as inflammation. The one included in the winter box is from Wunder Workshop and boasts a balancing effect for your body. The gua sha included is from Hayou and is a beautiful jade facial tool that I’ve used every morning to help lift and sculpt my face and boost circulation. I’ve also been excited to try all of the other products and learn about the different brands included, and one thing that I can say for certain is that each of the products is helping me in some way during this cold season in a very unpredictable year. It really was like receiving an early Christmas present at the exact right moment.

Along with all of the physical products in the box, you also get a £20 credit for an online workshop next year. You can choose from a lesson around the Menstrual Phases from world renowned women’s health nutritionist Le’ Nise Brothers, or a Menstrual cycle cook-along with Cook, Author and Podcast host Alissa Timoshkina. All in all, Ayusya’s beautiful box is worth £250, and you can buy yours for just £129 here. It makes the perfect treat for yourself or a Christmas present for a loved one to let them know that you’re thinking about them and their wellbeing!

The platform is also launching a digital membership in March 2021 which promises to be just as exciting and meaningful as their seasonal box. Stay up to date with Ayusya here.

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