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The Candles We’ll Be Burning All Through Autumn & Winter

The Candles We’ll Be Burning All Through Autumn & Winter

The colder seasons are upon us, and that means warm blankets, cups of tea or hot chocolate, and our favourite candle flickering away near us. But finding that favourite candle can be quite hard, as there as so many scents to try and such little time to try them. Luckily for you, we’ve found a few irreplaceable scents that you’re sure to find a space for on your mantelpiece for years to come.

LUMIRA – Cuban Tobacco

This candle being out of stock on both Selfridges and Net-A-Porter should be enough to tell you what a coveted scent it is. And for good reason to! You’ll be transported to Havana with this rich, smoky scent that envelopes the room and leaves you feeling relaxed…yet ready for just about anything to go down.

It gives such a decadant and musky fragrance that it’s perfect for any room and for both him and her when gifting. And take it from us, you won’t ever want to snuff this candle out, and you’ll be ordering your next one before the wax in this one has even finished!

Notes: tangerine, cardamom, clove bud, clean floral, vanilla, tobacco, musk, mahogony, patchouli.

OVEROSE – Nudesse

Another sold out candle (this time at Liberty and Cult Beauty) is OVEROSE’s Nudesse scented candle. It’s become almost a bit of a cult favourite and we can understand why with it’s gorgeous pink exterior and even more amazing scent.

Created to depict the “scent of a rose garden after it rains”, this candle gives a one-of-a-kind fragrance that makes us want to fall in love over and over again…and mostly with ourselves! This is the perfect sweet scent to keep your insides warm during the colder seasons and you’ll be thanking us for introducing you to it!

Notes: roses and rain.

Stoneglow – Luna Velvet Gardenia & Tuberose

Stoneglow have created the perfect floral candle with this tumbler. The vanilla scent mixes perfectly with that of rose petals to give off a gorgeous feminine fragrance. It’s a rich yet soft scent, perfect as a bedside piece to help warm you up and leaving a scent that will send you to sleep dreaming of floral fields.

Notes: tuberose, vanilla, sweet patchouli, fresh rose petals, velvety gardenia.

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