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Style Spotlight: The Parisian-Inspired Athleisure Brand We’re Wearing Year-Round

Style Spotlight: The Parisian-Inspired Athleisure Brand We’re Wearing Year-Round

Working out – whether on a treadmill at a gym, in an indoor pool, or at home taking part in a virtual class – requires the right fitness wear, and we’ve found our favourite brand yet. Created with a “Parisian-sensibility” that is evident in each of one its chic and well-tailored pieces, Ernest Leoty is the athleisure brand whose name is at the tip of our tongue in any conversation around both activewear and loungewear.

Named after the famed French corset maker whose pieces can be found at the Met and V&A museums, Ernest Leoty draws its influences from the sophistication, simplicity, and refined style of the country renowned for its chicness and the fashion-week city we’d all love to move to. With factories all over Europe, the brand draws from this rich heritage to design and create pieces to help women feel elegant yet empowered while they work out or even simply just lounge around their homes.

Couture for Leisure

Ernest Leoty prides itself as a brand with impeccable tailoring at its heart, creating pieces that are “chic, feminine, and functional.”

I was lucky enough to enjoy a yoga session in the Ilona Bodysuit, which retails from £165 and is worth every penny. The bodysuit is made from polyamide and elastane, making for a stretchy and extremely comfortable fit that makes you feel like a luxurious yoga pro from the moment you slip into it. It’s soft, breathable and flattering on all shapes and sizes due to its gorgeous design and tailoring, and as a workout piece, it’s the perfect thing to wear for a yoga or pilates class as it allows you to move, stretch and bend with ease without the added weight or inconvenience of loose fabric. The bodysuit is available in all black, cerise/prune, or taupe/black.

While Ilona is likely Ernest Leoty’s most covetable piece, I was almost equally enamoured by the simple yet versatile, comfortable, and flattering Eleonore Merino Leggings which are available in black or taupe for £55. They’re ski-leggings, so you can expect the thickness and comfort that will keep you warm in the colder months. Luckily, however, Ernest Leoty were able to find the perfect balance in the construction of the 100% Merino wool to make it suitable for wear in other months too, making it the perfect companion to build both a simple or more extravagant outfit around throughout the year. My favourite part of the leggings is how well they fit and conform to your shape, and they’re one of the most flattering pieces I’ve worn.

The rest of their range is just as luxurious and includes everything from sophisticated swimwear and super-soft biker shorts to cashmere knitwear and a signature corset. They provide everything you need for the perfect yoga class, swim session, cardio workout or lounge around the house, all tailored perfectly to make you feel like your best self.

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