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Sustainable Loungewear For Lockdown

Sustainable Loungewear For Lockdown

What to buy and what to look out for from the best sustainable loungewear brands.

Lockdown 2.0. How are we all feeling? Whilst we’re confined to the sofa once again, we may as well do so in style and comfort in a bid to ever so slightly alleviate these strange times and the emotions that come with it. We also need to continue to support independent businesses at this time who are practicing ethically and sustainably. Whether it be a long dog walk with your favourite podcast or you simply want to bake that lockdown banana bread in a hoodie that feels like a giant cloud, then let’s do so with our consumer conscious intact.

With that said, let’s get into five small companies who currently have some fabulous loungewear for sale, all of which produce their garments in the kindest way possible. 

And as an added note…
When buying from companies, always read the reviews and their sustainability notes. You can also check Good On You to ensure that the brand is transparent and that they’re not greenwashing you. Other than that, happy shopping!

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