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The Course that Can Help You Build Better Relationships

The Course that Can Help You Build Better Relationships

Relationships are the bedrock of a happy life – they influence so much of our day-to-day and making space in our lives for happy, healthy and nurturing relationships is pivotal. The journey to doing this, however, starts with us and we’re only able to cultivate meaningful relationships when we are self-aware.

At times we may find ourselves in the same patterns of behaviour in our relationships, whether that means behaving in the same way or choosing the same people. These patterns can only be overcome when we partake in self-reflection, looking at our relationship past, exploring our present and thus re-writing the future. This is the basis of The Bridge Retreat‘s ‘Online Relationship Course’: a course that everyone, no matter their age, ethnicity or gender, can benefit from.

Have you ever taken a relationship course?

The Bridge Retreat

The Bridge Retreat is an organisation that provides personal developments retreats and online courses. Led by a team of professionals, they work with participants to help them explore their lives, memories, emotions and more to help them heal and unlock a vast new potential in life.

The Course

Their ‘Online Relationship Course’ is a 3-session course (taking place on 3 consecutive Sundays across October and November). Perhaps the most striking thing about the course is that humbly it isn’t billed as a transformative experience of any sort…yet still manages to be so.

The first session of the course, facilitated by The Bridge Retreat co-founder Donna Lancaster, explores “The Story of Relationships”. In this session, Donna guides participants to explore their relationship history, starting from the very beginning: parents. Through eye-opening exercises that include remembering childhood experiences and inspecting the way we view our parents to an exploration of the ideas of arrested development and of transference (in a nutshell: transferring past experiences, emotions and ideologies onto a present person or situation), participants can, in a safe environment, uncover, confront and understand their relationship history.

This first session, as Donna explains, is a pivotal step in building healthy relationships. We must first acknowledge and heal our wounds before we are able to make meaningful connections with others. Donna introduces participants to techniques, such as Pattern Interrupt, that they can use to break unwanted cycles and ultimately empower themselves to build a new and better relationship story.

The Second & Third Sessions

The second and third sessions of the course explore “Healthy Communication and Power Dynamics” and “Boundaries and Connection” respectively. The second session takes place on Sunday the 1st of November and the final session takes place on Sunday the 8th of November. Book your tickets here.

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