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Why You Should Be Using A Personalised Period Care Service

Why You Should Be Using A Personalised Period Care Service

That time of the month can be stressful. It’s bad enough to be bloated, cramping, and tired – you don’t need to have the extra stress of digging around trying to find a pad or a tampon because you forgot to go to the store. A lot of the time you may only find a product that’s suitable for the third and heaviest day of your cycle when you’re on the first day, or have to shuffle to the chemists in a night pad during the day. That’s why we’re big fans of services that make the process easier for us!

Subscription period care helps you dodge this problem by sending you the products you need at the time you need them, so that you’re never left without. Yoppie are one of the brands pioneering this form of period care with their subscription boxes. Each month, you’ll have a box delivered straight to your door with period care essentials (pads, tampons, liners) so that you don’t have to stress out about going to buy these products before your cycle begins. This makes that time of the month a whole lot easier…and Yoppie have taken it an even bigger step forward.

The period care brand, started by UNBOUND London’s Europe’s Top Female Entrepreneur Daniella Peri, has just launched a personalised period care service that “inspires women to embrace individuality”. Their new interface helps you personalise your subscription box so that it is tailored to your flow and yours alone.

The process begins by asking you how long your periods normally last. Some women may have shorter periods that last less than 4 days, others may have periods that last 5 or 6 days, and some yet can have periods that last more than 6 days. No one woman’s body is the same as any other’s and so there is a lot of variety when it comes to period length, and Yoppie take this into account. They then ask you to describe your flow (from light to heavy), adding an extra dimension to the personalisation.

Yoppie subsequently ask you what products you normally use. You can choose between tampons, pads, liners, or cups (and other reusables) or a mixture of any of those. They go a step further by asking to understand how you combine the use of your products. So, if for example you use both tampons and pads during your period, they want to know whether you use “mainly tampons with pads for back-up or night-time”, “mainly pads combined with tampons”, or “roughly equal quantities of each”. This added step shows how in-depth their personalisation method is, and also how aware they are of the different ways in which different women use products.

Which do you use the most?

Finally, you’re able to select which of their products you’d like included in your subscription box. You can choose from super or regular applicator or non-applicator tampons, day pads or nights pads, and liners. All their products are made from 100% certified organic cotton. Founder Daniella Peri focused on creating organic products because she found that “conventional period products in the supermarket were made with materials like synthetics and plastics, chlorine traces and phthalate…ingredients most of us can’t even pronounce” and wanted to create “high quality period products.”

With these period products added to your subscription box, you’re then able to ingeniously sync the delivery to your cycle, and decide whether you want to receive the box every 3,4 or 5 weeks, with the option to choose your first delivery date.

So, you’ve got your personalised box of period products set to be delivered to you at the right time every month. Seems good enough, right? Yes…but there’s more! With Yoppie, you also get access to a personalised dashboard, which shows you your upcoming boxes, delivery dates, and contents, with the option to edit any of these. This helps empower you to stay in charge of your cycle.

Yoppie thus not only deliver a unique personalised period care product, but do it using an easily navigable service. Founder Daniella did this because she understood “what life is like for today’s modern woman. She’s bloody busy and has a lot on her plate. She’s out there conquering the world! So why should managing her menstrual cycle be another added stress or an element in life that she has to compromise on?”

With that deep understanding, she made sure that Yoppie “focus[ed] on providing period care that’s designed with real life in mind. That means period care subscriptions that are personsonalized to her flow and no one else’s, conveniently delivered to her letterbox in sync with her cycle, made with organic ingredients and sustainable packaging – so there’s no compromise on her health or the planet.” These core elements are what make Yoppie our go-to personalized period care brand, and what should make them yours too!

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