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The Multi-Tasking Oil That’s Perfect for Winter

The Multi-Tasking Oil That’s Perfect for Winter

Natural skincare champions Farryn Amber have been making waves in the beauty industry with their transparent, sustainable and effective approach to making us feel beautiful. From cleansers to masks they have you covered, and their latest addition is the much anticipated Halo Multi-Tasking Oil which promises to be a firm favourite in your skincare routine. 

Multi-tasking oils do just that, multi-task. Not just for your face, Halo can be used in a number of different ways making this product a versatile addition to your beauty cupboard. Prep your skin, nourish your cuticles, help prevent stretch marks and give the ends of your hair a little TLC, it’s a bottle which packs a punch, thanks to its all natural ingredient list.

The launch of Halo couldn’t be timed better as winter starts to draw in and we spend more time wearing masks, our skin can start to become dry, irritated and in need of some nourishment. Specifically designed for sensitive skin with soothing ingredients such as pomegranate seeds and rosehip oil, this product can help you replenish any lost moisture without clogging your pores or irritating the skin. 

As a girl with sensitive skin prone to hormonal break outs I was intrigued to try Farryn Amber’s latest addition particularly as temperatures starts to drop in the UK. 

Straight off the packaging is beautiful, with its clean and elegant branding and its sustainable glass packaging. This product looks and feels luxurious without even opening the bottle, and the fact that Halo is vegan, cruelty free and totally natural is a big win. Due to my skin being prone to breakouts I frequently apply toner and AHA’s to help keep them at bay and whilst this seems to work, it has the tendency to dry out my skin without following up with a proper moisturiser. I started to use Halo as the last step in my skincare routine before bed. The oil is so lightweight I don’t feel like it is clogging my pores and just a few drops makes my face feel gorgeously soft and supple when I wake up. Hydration is key ladies, and Halo has definitely ticked that box for me. 

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The product is essential oil free, which is a big plus if you are clued up on skincare, as many essential oils can sometimes cause irritation, despite their delicious aromas. This is where I think my only major criticism lies, as the oil has little-to-no scent. I often see beauty products without fragrance as a good sign as I can be sure there is absolutely nothing artificial to Halo, so I know my skin is in good hands. However, part of me sadly couldn’t quite get past the low-scent factor. 

However, my favourite benefit of Halo comes as part of my morning routine. The never ending battle for someone who is spot-prone is wanting that glow on your skin without looking oily and Farryn Amber have got it down to an art form. Just before I apply my primer and foundation I add a few drops to my face and what a difference it makes. Oily skin, who is she? Foundation glides beautifully across my face and I have the perfect subtle glow which makes me look fresh as a daisy (even if I had one too many wines the previous night). 

I can’t say I feel Halo has made a dramatic lasting difference on my skin in the few weeks I have been testing her out, but I definitely notice the difference in my skin when I haven’t applied it in the morning. Just a few drops makes my skin look and feel brighter without weighing it down too much. 

My next mission is to make better use of its multi-tasking functions – with constant hand washing, my hands are feeling the effects of COVID-19 so a few drops on my hands before bed should help repair the damage over night. Fly away hairs can also become a thing of the past as a drop or two should leave your hair looking sleek and shiny with minimal effort. This little bottle has so many uses it is the perfect thing to slip into your handbag so you can glow all day every day. Try it here.

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