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The Non-Alcoholic Spirit You Should Give A Taste

The Non-Alcoholic Spirit You Should Give A Taste

You may have a friend who is sober-curious, or who doesn’t drink at all. Or you may have even gone tee-total or have never tried a sip of alcohol yourself. Either way, the rise of alcohol-free options is prevalent, and we can see why. Apart from the obvious no-hangover benefit of ditching the drink, cutting down on alcohol or going completely free-from has great benefits on your physical health, mental health, and not to mention skin! And while most of us know this already, you may still crave the ritual of pouring yourself a glass of your favourite drink or whipping up a spirit, and we’ve found a great no-alcohol alternative that lets you do just this.

‘From Seed To Lip

The story of Seedlip, best friend to everyone who is sober, is a rich one full of meaning and history. Founder Ben discovered The Art of Distillation by physician John French, published in 1651 – a document which laid out the process of distilling herbal remedies to help those who were unwell. Inspired by this, Ben drew upon his own family’s farming heritage with French’s expertise to create a new way to discover drinking without getting drunk.

Image Courtesy Of: Seedlip

3 Perfect Blends

Seedlip create 3 sellout blends:

  • Seedlip Garden 108a bright and herbal blend of peas and garden herbs
  • Seedlip Spice 94a rich and aromatic blend of spices, peels and barks
  • Seedlip Grove 42a complex and zesty blend of citrus and fragrant spice

Each of the three blends can be topped off with tonic and garnished to your liking to create rich and delicious non-alcoholic alternatives that you can enjoy while at home or when out at a restaurant or bar. The brand’s popularity has seen it stocked at The Ritz and The Savoy amongst other established destinations.

Image Courtesy Of: Seedlip

What to drink when you’re Not drinking’®

If you’re looking for a new base to your regular mocktail, want to try out Sober October, or simply want a casual non-alcoholic spirit to drink, then give Seedlip a taste. The brand not only has a great story, but also creates products that are worth their weight in gold, making them valuable purchases.

Ask for Seedlip at your bar or restaurant, or purchase your own bottle here.

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