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4 Tips for Making Work From Home Easier

4 Tips for Making Work From Home Easier

Most of the world is still working from home, and may be doing so for a while. And it can be hard…whether you live alone or not. Be it loneliness, monotony or sheer boredom, that WFH acronym can conjure up some not so great thoughts. We’ve rounded up a few tips below to help it be a bit easier. Enjoy!


To stave off any loneliness that may come from working from home, try scheduling at-least one video call a day. If you have a lot of zoom meetings at work, then this should be no problem! But if you don’t, then try scheduling a lunch video call with a colleague or friend with the same lunch-time as you. This is the easiest way to replicate the normal social breaks you would take at work. If you don’t live alone, try setting up a lunch date with whoever you live with!


Working from the same place each day can be monotonous and make things unenjoyable. If you’re able to, choose a different place to work from each – whether it’s moving from your desk to your kitchen island or even to your living room, having that variety can make work a little more interesting. If you can’t move to a new place, try changing the place you’re in now. So, if you’re stuck at your desk, try adding a vase of new flowers every few days, or hanging a new picture on the wall in front of you.


We know how bad sitting in one place for a prolonged amount of time can be, whether this is in front of the TV or a desk when you’re working from home. So…move! Take a five minute break every 30-45 minutes and walk around the house or stretch. Getting those moments of movement is not only good for your physical health, but will leave you with renewed energy when you get back to work. If you can, go for a walk outside or just pop out on your balcony to get some fresh air!


You may think that you need complete silence to work, but how often would you be working in complete silence from your office? Try putting on some mellow music on a low volume on a speaker, or even having the news running in the background. Having some outside/background noise will stop you from feeling too isolated or alone, and if all else fails, you can always ask Alexa to read you a story from audible!

Do you prefer to WFH or work in the office?

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