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Feeding Your Skin: Minimalism As the Newest Trend in Beauty

Feeding Your Skin: Minimalism As the Newest Trend in Beauty

You wouldn’t put just anything into your body…so why would you be any less careful with your skin? It’s no secret that our diets are of great importance, and you may very well scour the back of any food package you buy to make sure that what you’re putting into your body is good for you. We’re here to tell you that you should be doing the exact same thing with your skin.

As our biggest organ, our skin is oftentimes what gets the brunt of the pollution we face from the outside world. So, it only makes sense that we take the time to decode the ingredients in our skincare products to ensure that we’re helping, not further irritating, our skin. And in this case, less really is more.

Skincare brand Skin Sapiens is leading this charge in conscious beauty that places minimalism as a central tenet. The brand started with a simple yet meaningful desire: to ensure that founder James Jardella knew exactly what he was putting on his newborn baby-boy’s skin. “I set off to break down the barriers to truly knowing what’s in your skincare, so people can feel comfortable in their own skin” James tells Selfridges, marking the start of his journey to create a solution to the ingredient-laden, unclean products that line the shelves of many beauty retailers.

A key concern in the beauty industry, and one that Skin Sapiens sought to fight since its inception, is that surrounding transparency. Brands often try to mask ingredients they’re less proud of by hiding them in a list of dozens of jargonistic chemical names. This doesn’t allow us as consumers to truly know what is in a product and to thus make the best decisions for ourselves and our skin. With Skin Sapiens, the opposite is true. Their products use less than a dozen ingredients, with each clearly explained so that we know what it does.

Take their face cream, for example. It lists ‘Olea Europaea Fruit Oil’ as an ingredient, and as lovely as that sounds, unless you’re a dermatologist or skincare junkie you likely won’t know what it is or what it’ll do to your skin. Most brands would leave it that way, but Skin Sapiens go the extra step by explaining that it is an olive oil which is”rich in fatty acids…to soothe and smooth skin.”

Founder James explains his decision to include this by noting that “simplicity empowers us to make real choices. It’s the difference between making skincare accessible and asking them to study a post-grad degree in chemistry to achieve a great morning cleanse.” We as consumers of beauty products can’t help but be on board with this minimalistic approach to skincare.

Minimalism in beauty doesn’t only extend to the product’s ingredients, however. It also includes efforts to have a minimal impact on the environment. We may all (hopefully) be aware of the impact the fashion industry has on the environment, and the ongoing sustainability efforts surrounding fast fashion and the like, but the beauty industry isn’t exempt. With single-use plastics and excessive plastic packaging rife in consumer end products, the industry has a long way to go and needs brands to champion change by making sustainable decisions.

The way the concept of minimalism can help is by ensuring that harmful packaging and waste products are kept to, well…a minimum. An easy way for brands to do this is by using recycled and recyclable material for their packaging. With Skin Sapiens, the brand makes sure to use a mixture of both – 100% post-consumer recycled PET for their bottles and recyclable bottle tops. “Everything we make contains the highest possible recycled content and is designed for recyclability (no single-use plastics, black plastic or composite materials). We communicate the % recycled content on every pack, with the same transparency we apply to our formulation so that people can choose to buy recycled,” says James. This makes all the difference, not only in the consumer journey as we make decisions that are better for the environment, but on the business-side as well, as it sets the precedent for other brands to join the growing group of businesses making sustainable choices.

Minimalism in beauty is thus a trend that spans a brands entire DNA – from their ingredients to their products, all rooted in their ethos. No brand has this as a more central part of their fibre than Skin Sapiens, who were born to champion just that.

Skin Sapiens is available in Selfridges as part of the department store’s Project Earth initiative. Find out more and shop Skin Sapiens here, with a 60 day, no questions asked, satisfaction guarantee. Make sure to use the code FLAURA15 to get 15% off your purchase!

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