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Style Spotlight: The Brand Celebrating A Mix of Cultures

Style Spotlight: The Brand Celebrating A Mix of Cultures

As a brand, finding the right blend of cultural-inspiration and innovation, while remaining respectful to heritage, can be tricky. Yet, Atlas the Brand may have found the perfect balance. Its name is drawn from the global lifestyle of its founders (siblings Olivia, Beatriz and Augustus who have explored over 50 countries in 6 continents), and is what inspires its unique collections.

From Mansour velvet robes and airy, super-soft 100% cotton caftans to mandarin linen jackets and silk tops, the siblings drew inspiration from a range of cultures, from the Far East to North Africa, to create a brand that was celebratory of differences yet united under the love of creativity and fashion. Their unique fusion of materials and designs gives the brand a varied mix and makes each piece special.

“For everyone and inspired by everywhere”, Atlas aims to offer more than just clothing, but also an inclusive atmosphere that welcomes us all into the brand as we celebrate our own and each other’s heritage.

Their newest collection takes inspiration from Shinta Mani, an eco-friendly hotel that has partnered with the Wildlife Alliance for conservation and sustainability efforts throughout its property. The pieces in the collection are made from biodegradable linen, the least water-consuming fabric on the market, and the buttons used are made from coconuts.

Thus, Atlas is not only a celebration of the globe, but also of the natural world around us, as the pieces take inspiration from the environment and work to preserve it. Shop Atlas here.

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