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Why It’s Okay to Cancel Plans and Stay Home Instead

Why It’s Okay to Cancel Plans and Stay Home Instead

In the day and age of social media, where every post seems to be of someone out having fun, we can often feel as though we’re not doing enough. We’re not going to enough parties or eating out at enough restaurants. We don’t have enough social opportunities to wear the outfits we spent too much money on. It’s almost become a social currency – that someone’s value comes from how much time they spend with other people…even those that can be draining.

As an entrepreneur whose day can include endless zoom calls, PR meetings and events, I perhaps most understand the pressure of socialising. As a self-confessed introvert, I also most understand the PRESSURE of socialising. This pressure to always have the social nozzle turned up (especially after we’ve been released from lockdown and feel like we have to take every opportunity to be around others) doesn’t take into account the fact that we need downtime. Even the most extroverted out of all of us needs some time to recharge and self-reflect. That’s why it’s okay to cancel those plans you made (with some notice, of course) and spend a night in doing a face mask, reading a book, catching up on your favourite TV show or planning how to make those big dreams of yours come true. Trust me, you’ll see a huge difference. Not only will you be able to relax without any pressure, but (and I know it’s a crazy thought) you may even begin to like your own company.

Which are you?

As much as it’s important to spend time with others, connect with loved ones, foster meaningful relationships, spending time alone is one of the most important things we can do. The relationship we have with ourself inevitably dictates the relationships we have with everyone else, and so it’s imperative that we take the time to nurture it. So, it’s okay to spend a few more hours each week by yourself, doing the things that you love to do, and trust me when I say that you’re not alone – everyone else is also pretending to love water-cooler talk. 

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