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FLAURA 5: Tips to Get Started on Your Second-Hand Shopping Journey

FLAURA 5: Tips to Get Started on Your Second-Hand Shopping Journey

With more and more clothes ending up in landfill every single year there has never been a more important time to make a change to your shopping habits. But getting started on your second hand journey can be the hardest part – where do you start? How do you find good pieces? We’ve put together a guide to make it just that bit easier to start shopping second hand…

1. Make a plan

If you’re new to second hand shopping then making a plan is a really good way of getting started on your thrifting journey. Start by taking stock of your full wardrobe, then work out from there what key pieces you’re looking for and which of those pieces you’d like to try and source second hand. Knowing what you’re looking for will keep you focused and make you less likely to give up or buy pieces that you don’t need.

2. Be patient

We’ve all been there – your friend finds the most incredible pieces but after going to six charity shops you’re still leaving empty handed. Finding great pieces takes time – some trips you’ll find the most amazing pieces and other times you’ll find nothing – but being patient definitely pays off. Try searching in a variety of different places; charity shops, Ebay, Depop, swap shops, the more variety the better.

3. Know your measurements

Super important when you’re shopping online as this is one tip that will save you time and money. Vintage pieces often don’t run by the same size scales as high street stores, add in shopping from different ebay or depop sellers and this can all become quite confusing. Save yourself the hassle of returns and take note of your own measurements.

4. Be open-minded

Even though you want to have an overall plan, it can be just as important to go in with an open mind to have a successful second-hand shopping trip. Could you make that long skirt into a shorter one? Do you love the fabric but not the shape? Sometimes you might find something that you like but it just needs a couple of alterations to end up being the piece that you love. Be open to shopping a different size or gender to your own too, you never know where your next treasured piece will be hidden.

5. Build relationships

As you shop second-hand more it’s only natural that you’ll start to build up a list of different stores and online sellers that align with your own personal style. Take it one step further and get to know your local charity shop workers and your favourite sellers online. You’ll quickly get to find out really useful information about new drops and some sellers and stores will even take sourcing requests too.

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