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Here’s What We Think of the Shreddy Fitness App

Here’s What We Think of the Shreddy Fitness App

If you’re looking to reignite your love for working out or searching for some fitspo, the Shreddy app is a great place to start.

Created by Grace Beverley and her BND team, for £9.99 a month, you receive comprehensive fitness guides and meals plan, with accompanying videos and a support group to help you reach your goals. With the added option of uploading your physical progress and sharing with others, the app is a place of encouragement.

Throughout lockdown, working out was the last thing on my mind. Like many, I had taken up running over the period, but it wasn’t giving me the same endorphin hit that I had grown so fond of when visiting the gym. Home workouts had always been a love-hate relationship too, but without any gyms open, the Shreddy app was my only option.

Having followed Grace Fit for a while, I was intrigued by the Shreddy app since it’s gained such a considerable following. I was not disappointed. Anyone looking to start their fitness journey, this is a safe space to share your progress with the added support of others for encouragement and to keep you motivated. Rarely do we get to share our progress with others and see similar body types without the fear of trolls or naysayers, this is an excellent feature of the app and one that makes it that extra bit special.

The selection of guides – which are lockdown friendly – last up to 12 weeks, including home workouts targeted for weight loss and to tone up. Recently they’ve launched their quickfire guides – between 10 and 20 minutes – for those who don’t have the time to fit in a longer workout. Make no mistake, these guides will make you SWEAT, but in the right way. Each exercise has a video attached so you know how to do it right – for the most part. The guides focus on arms, legs, full body and cardio. They do require equipment such as an exercise matt and some of Grace Fit’s BND merch – the resistance bands and sliders – these will make all the difference in your workouts. Using a resistance band will change your lower body completely!

The meal plans don’t disappoint either. All plant-based, there’s room for snacking and dessert too. I found myself following the meals loosely and started with the at-home tone up guide for three days a week – you can choose to do five days a week too.

At this stage, I’m beginning to see the difference in my body and physically feel stronger again. The app has kept me motivated for over a month now, and I can see a slight difference in my overall appearance. More than anything though I feel stronger than before.

The community aspect of the app, where you can talk to and share tips such as recipes with others, is a brilliant resource to keep you going. The aesthetics of the app – pink and pastels – perfectly coordinate too.

With so many workout videos and plans on the internet, the Shreddy app is excellent for keeping you motivated and reaching your fitness goals. Cheaper than a gym membership, the app has made me fall back into a fitness routine where I feel energised and excited to see my progress building, and it’s on my terms. The app has built a community for people to feel motivated to reach their goals and share their progress which is perfect for anyone who has been afraid to start their fitness journey alone.

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