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How to Practice Self-Care Over the Bank Holiday Weekend

How to Practice Self-Care Over the Bank Holiday Weekend

The bank holiday weekend is coming up, and though it may be dampened by continuous social-distancing measures and rain forecasts, there are still a lot of things you can do to practice self-care over the break. Here are a few ideas, whether you’ll be going out or staying in.

Going Out


There’s nothing quite as relaxing as walking the quiet halls of a museum whose walls bear the work of your favourite artist. You can visit the Tate Modern to view the newest Andy Warhol and Steve McQueen exhibitions or the National History Museum which is always a great family outing. Gardens are also great ways to get some fresh air, a taste of nature, and a blast of wellness. The Royal Botanic Gardens are open for a botanic escape.


A home-cooked meal can be self-care, but so can a hearty three-course dinner catching up with friends at a healthy restaurant. Grab a pal and head to Farmacy, a Notting Hill restaurant that boasts a menu of probiotic breakfast jars and nutritional brunch bowls. You can also head down to Linnaean, a wellness destination in Nine Elms complete with a medi-spa, nail and hair salon, and restaurant whose speciality ingredients include ginseng, chia and matcha.


If staying in the city isn’t of interest to you, then you can book a getaway to a remote location. From countryside farmhouses to health clubs and spas by the Lake District, check out our complete list of the best weekend getaways.

Staying In

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Nothing says self-care like an old classic and your best girlfriends. As social-distancing measures are mostly still in practice, try setting up a virtual movie night with some pals. Coordinate via Houseparty or Netflix Party, and we recommend watching one of these movies about inspiration women.


No, don’t practice your alphabet, rather hop on the CBD trend and try out a few products. There’s everything available from CBD Oil (we recommend Jacob Hooy) to drinks (ever heard of ThreeDots) and everything in between. It’ll help you relax, de-stress and make the most of your downtime.

Will you be going out or staying in over the bank holiday weekend?

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