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The Happy Broadcast Is Here To Give You Positive News

The Happy Broadcast Is Here To Give You Positive News

The Happy Broadcast (THB) is an online news outlet which shares positive stories around the world daily. With discoveries, exciting plans and brilliant mini-stories of successes, The Happy Broadcast is one of the best news platforms online. 

With many of the popular news organisations providing breaking news, often saddening, The Happy Broadcast provides uplifting content. You will often find The Happy Broadcast delivering pleasant content that revolves around current affairs or feel-good statistics about different countries around the world. 

Labelled as ‘anxiety-free news’, The Happy Broadcast is a news outlet which curates content which aims to ‘counter fear and hate’. THB also create lively illustrations as part of their posts which gives the platform a unique brand personality. 

Founder, Mauro Gatti, developed this outlet as he was unsatisfied with the daily negative news. This then sparked the idea for him to produce positive and touching stories across Instagram. Gatti insists that he is no journalist or influencer. Rather, he simply built this outlet to spread his art and positivity. 

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After all, current affairs should be engaging and positive amongst all the terrible news. The Happy Broadcast is certainly a brand to follow, which will brighten your feed up every day.

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