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The App Using AI to Help Tackle Mental Health Issues

The App Using AI to Help Tackle Mental Health Issues

Talk of artificial intelligence can often conjure up images of Armageddon, dystopia and I-robot realities, but the truth is that more and more companies are using AI to aide our health, both physically and mentally. One company doing so for the latter is Shine.

Shine is an award-winning app that has harnessed AI to create smart chat-bots that send you texts every day to lift your mood. These affirmations include everything from “be kind to yourself if you get irritated today…you’re only human” to “you deserve to love yourself even in the midst of your mistakes”. The smart bots also respond to your answers in your ‘daily check in’ to help you navigate your thoughts, explore your feelings, and recommend appropriate action.

Shine app

This customised experience not only aims to aid you in opening up, but also allows you to get the best and most personalised recommendations on the app – these include affirmations, meditations and challenges that are curated according to your recorded mood.

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The shine chat-bot thus acts as a companion that can help guide you in the right direction, whilst providing a human feel through the conversational aspect that chat-bots bring. It’s a feature that many health apps try to integrate meaningfully, but Shine does so seamlessly. Download the app here.

Do you have any mental health apps on your phone?

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