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Style Spotlight: The Slow-Fashion Brand Mixing Activewear with Activism

Style Spotlight: The Slow-Fashion Brand Mixing Activewear with Activism

What Canadian fashion brand is based in British Columbia, has share-worthy Instagram posts and specializes in hand-sewn activewear made from recycled bottles? Hint: it’s not Lululemon.

Bewildher is a fast-growing brand that’s shaking up the gym with their wildly colourful leggings, capris and “squat-proof” shorts. From “Pineapple Power” to “Sea of Dreams,” you can preorder from a monthly selection of prints (along with classic “Pitch Black”). Then, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your new Pilates gear to be sewn, wrapped in recycled paper and shipped to your doorstep.

This preorder model, combined with locally sourced materials and safe factory conditions, is a part of founder Nadine’s slow-fashion ethos. It helps Bewildher avoid the landfill-bound waste that comes from producing more garments than they need. Plus, it keeps their prices competitive – while still paying the Vancouver seamstresses who make your leggings fair living wages.

Pretty cool, right? And this is just the tip of the ecofeminist iceberg. If you’re looking for your standard smalls or mediums, you won’t find them here. Instead, they’ve been renamed with body-positive sizing, like Super Stunning (XXS), Marvellous (M), Extra Lovely (XL) and Four-Ever Lovely (4XL).

If that’s not enough, every time you buy an item, Bewildher plants a tree and donates $1 to Girl in the Wild – a not-profit that runs free wilderness camps for teenage girls.

For more sustainability-driven girl power (and occasional running ideas), check out Bewildher’s Instagram.

Do you buy from slow-fashion brands?

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