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Tarot Tuesday: Your Week According to Your Zodiac Sign – August 18, 2020.

Tarot Tuesday: Your Week According to Your Zodiac Sign – August 18, 2020.


Happy Tuesday! Here are your weekly readings for the week ahead according to your zodiac sign. The New Moon is coming this August 19th, 2020, with it comes a beautiful time to set new intentions and goals. The New Moon is in Leo, indicating a great time to be a little more selfish and reflect on what you need personally right now. No matter your sign, you’ll most likely feel a surge of great new energy with a pair of fresh new eyes – use it for yourself and to re-energise your soul.

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All cards are from The Good Tarot card deck.

Aries: Magician card. Aries, this card is specifically asking you to really explore your spirit and soul side to yourself. You’ve been logical and rational for a while and now it’s time to trust in the process the Universe has to offer. Trust that what’s in front of you may be the best thing for now and to stop pushing for the next best thing when that’s not guaranteed. The number on the card is the number 1 and represents new beginnings and likewise manifestation. Holding these two themes closely, explore new possibilities in your path – romantically, career wise, and in general choices you make in life.

Taurus: 6 of Water card. Taurus, this card is signifying a need for compassion this week. With all the turmoil and heartache happening in the world currently there is nothing more than compassion needed. It also represents a willingness to learn and keep an open mind with overflowing optimism. Nothing can get in your way this week if you use these three mindsets in your journey.

Gemini: 2 of Water card. What areas of your life can you give more forgiveness and understanding to, Gemini? Are there people in your life who you’re being too hard on and not able to forgive for something that happened years ago? Maybe this is a good week to communicate your forgiveness (if you can) and release the grudge being held. Grudges typically only end up hurting your more, than they do the other person. Take responsibility in your emotions and feelings and if anything – stand up for the joy in your life and let the grudges go.

Cancer: 10 of Fire card. Cancer, this week is a big one for you, it demands all from you – every single ounce of energy from you. Once the weekend comes, it won’t get any easier but it’s necessary to find the time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Nothing good comes when we aren’t ourselves, and aren’t rested. If our batteries are low, we can’t provide what we need to. Finish this week strong Cancer, it demands that of you. As the card has 10 flames around it, it is a boisterous card blasting so much energy – bring that into your week.

Leo: Messenger of Fire card. Leo, this week is a special week for you to really head on independent creation. This card’s message is directly from the Messenger of Fire alerting you that there’s a special fiery energy about this week. Follow headstrong into your projects and complete one’s that maybe lacked lustre in the past weeks. This card signifies it’s within you to really explode magically onto your creative tasks at hand – you can do it.

Virgo: King of Fire card. A leader without a doubt, and this week Virgo, the King of Fire is reminding you of your innate ability to lead. Many look up to you and come to you for guidance and comfort, remember your special abilities, Virgo. Be proactive this week, but primarily for your own wellbeing, not others. You’ve long been focusing on others, and this week the card is reminding you to take care of yourself too. It’s almost the end of a long treacherous journey for you Virgo, so finish strong and be proud you’ve made it.

Libra: Hermit card. Libra, there really is nothing like taking time for yourself. This card was picked up up-right not reversed, meaning it’s a great time to reflect deep within yourself – not necessarily to isolate yourself. Look within yourself for inner guidance and try to avoid asking for too many opinions this week. Too many voices may muddy the waters and your vision may become lost along the journey.

Scorpio: King of Air card. Scorpio, use this week to really use your voice. The King of Air demands that opinions and inner thoughts are shared. This isn’t the week to shy away or muffle your opinion. Likewise, really think through your steps this week, be rational and thoughtful. Emotions won’t fly well this week so allow yourself to really take the time in being well thought out amongst your plans.

Sagittarius: 5 of Air card. This card is a reminder that you can always change your mind. Sagittarius what has been going on lately? Though you’re always quite optimistic and bouncy in life, there seems to have been some decisions that were less than well received. Never fear, this week is a great week for change. Recognise areas in your life that you don’t like, and be ready to change them. The 5 of Air card is asking you to really reflect and move on. There may be areas where you may a really ruthless decision and now you’re paying the consequences. Reflect, change, and move on. It will get better.

Capricorn: Queen of Earth card. The wise mother of the Earth, Capricorn, this was a lovely card to pull. This week you must be kind, nurturing, and supportive. Allow your thoughts to be pleasant, and don’t spend too much time focusing on the “could haves” and “should haves.” Allow yourself to really see the magic this week, and don’t be too fussed about the little details – see the glorious miracles in the world.

Aquarius: The Moon card. Aquarius, usually your lightness benefits you, however this week your imagination and freeness is somewhat pulling you down. Additionally, are there areas in your life that are causing you more stress and anxiety than necessary? Is there someone in your life who is putting you down? Be rational and intentional around this week and what you choose to do. Decisions are meant to be made, and this week you’ll benefit greatly from making intentional choices around your life – stick with them.

Pisces: The Star Card. The woman on the card has her feet on land, and holds a pitcher of water, this represents both her ability to be grounded and rational, and the water represents her intuition and clear subconscious. She is partially naked, representing her vulnerability. Use this week, Pisces, to be vulnerable with yourself and your work, and open up more of you into it. With vulnerability comes growth – like the water in her pitcher, water your work and life, and from it will come beautiful fruits and plants. Be vulnerable and open this week Pisces.

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