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Style Spotlight: The Brand Fusing Fashion with Architecture

Style Spotlight: The Brand Fusing Fashion with Architecture

London-based accessories label Danse Lente is the latest line to fuse minimalism with playfulness. The brand, whose name means “Slow Dance” in French, employs structured designs that are “inspired by contemporary aesthetics and modern architecture”. Each piece is thus a carefully thought-out and even more meticulously crafted homage to shape.

The beauty of Danse Lente’s pieces is evident – each design, with its complementary colours and innovative use of shape, speaks to the artist within us. The items themselves say that fashion can be a richly interdisciplinary practice as it can and does borrow from other artistic mediums to construct the items we wear.

Smart, unique and functional, Danse Lente is thus a bridge between two complementary worlds, bringing architecture to fashion and taking a monumental step forward by doing so. The line’s pieces are ordinary accessories, yet are sure to make a statement on your arm.

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