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Here’s What You need To Know About Dermaplanning

Here’s What You need To Know About Dermaplanning

Dermaplanning is the solution to all your dead skin needs. The skin on your face goes through a 3-6-week regenerative cycle, which means it renews itself every month to month and a half. You can and should exfoliate at-least once a week to get rid of dead skin cells. But dermaplanning takes it up a notch by stripping all dead skin and peach fuzz off your face to reveal glowing, baby-smooth skin. How? By using a blade, of course.

Far less scary than it sounds, dermaplanning uses a surgical blade (which won’t cut you, trust us) to shed away dead skin. The blade is held at a 45degree angle from your face and used in short strokes to peel away skin and hair on the face and reveal the new, regenerated layer below.

You can buy a dermaplanning kit to use at home, but we recommend going to a professional to get the process done, as the results will be much better. And trust us, the results are amazing. Not only will your skin feel amazing and look so much clearer and brighter, but all your lotions, oils and makeup products will glide onto your skin far more easily, making it worth every penny.

Will you be trying dermaplanning?

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