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Style Spotlight: The Ethical Jewellery Brand Bringing Lab Grown Diamonds to The Forefront

Style Spotlight: The Ethical Jewellery Brand Bringing Lab Grown Diamonds to The Forefront

Diamonds and sustainability aren’t often words said in the same breath. The sourcing of diamonds has often been one of controversy, often being linked to negative social and environmental impacts. But there is one brand that is looking to change that; enter jewellery brand Kimaï, whose aims are to change the way we think about diamonds and add much needed transparency to the fine jewellery industry.

Launching the brand in 2018, founders Jessica & Sidney were no strangers to the diamond and jewellery industry, having both grown up with families working in the trade. But it was a move to London that was the catalyst to them starting Kimaï: “We moved to London and we were more aware of our purchasing” says Jessica, one half of the successful duo. Many of the brands that they wanted to shop from were either too expensive or lacked quality and worst of all, “it was hard to find any transparency in the jewellery industry”, says Jessica.

With transparency as the goal this has fed into all aspects of Kimaï, starting with the use of lab grown diamonds, which has allowed the brand to have full traceability of each diamond whilst avoiding the social and environmental impact of mining. But are lab grown diamonds any different to mined? “I’m a gemologist and I can’t even tell them apart, they are exactly the same”, says Sidney on the brands latest ‘chat & chill’ segment on Instagram. As well as their use of lab grown diamonds, they also use recycled gold to create their pieces, use sustainable packaging and have full visibility of their supply chain, so it’s clear that sustainability is truly at the heart of Kimaï.

With all of the work that has gone into having a truly sustainable approach, the aesthetic of Kimaï has also been carefully considered. “Our aim is to create timeless pieces that are unique”, says Jessica, whose firm favourites are the Sammy hoops. “I wear them everyday”, she laughs. Despite the beauty of Kimaï’s collections, the mission is always clear: “we hope to be able to educate customers on lab grown diamonds, and make them aware of the impact that the diamond industry has, but at the same time showing that these days we can do things differently but that doesn’t mean it has less value – it’s just a new way of doing things”.

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