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Tarot Tuesday: Your Week According to Your Zodiac Sign

Tarot Tuesday: Your Week According to Your Zodiac Sign

Welcome to today’s Tarot Tuesday reading where I’ll be reading each zodiac signs’ card for this week. Enjoy!

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All cards for this reading are from the Tarot of a Moon Garden Deck.

Aries: Strength card. Aries, while we are usually used to strength meaning physical strength, this card is specifically asking you to really get in touch with your emotional strengths. Patience, understanding, perseverance through hard situations, or forgiveness all go a very long way. This week the Moon is in Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries, so there will be a plethora of opportunities for you to be in touch with your stronger emotions. Use this card as a reassurance that you’re turning your negative experiences into positive learning curves.

Taurus: Five of Pentacles card. Sometimes with this card Taurus you may feel extreme distress or unsettling emotions. This week seems to be one of those weeks for you. Allow yourself to really feel the emotions and obstacles you’re coming to and don’t shy away from shedding a tear if you have to. Likewise, this card sometimes may have to do with financial problems – make sure you’re reviewing your finances frequently but not overzealously where it might be causing you more stress. Budget, plan, and save before anything worse takes place.

Gemini: Seven of Swords card. Trust seems to be a big topic for you this week, Gemini. Do you feel people are being dishonest to you? Do you think you’re being dishonest with yourself? Are you questioning your intuition? What feels off? Explore it. Likewise, are you telling yourself lies that are harming your self esteem / soul? Sometimes the kindest and loveliest people are the harshest to themselves – explore if you’re being too hard on yourself.

Cancer: Page of Staffs card. This could be a really great week for you, Cancer! The Page of Staffs is filled with creativity, adventure, and fun. Have an explorative week where you aren’t afraid of trying new creative adventures and to just explore the possibilities within your craft. The Page of Staffs is all about seizing the moment – so remember to do just that this week!

Leo: Knight of Pentacles card. Plans, plans, plans. The Knight of Pentacles does not set foot on a path without a set of plans. If you received this card, it’s time to reevaluate what is going on in areas of your life – career, finances, romances, friendships etc. Are you beginning a new job without a few goals in mind for your future? Ask yourself if what you are experiencing in your life right now is enough for you. Could there be more? Could you have more thrills in your life? Start planning, life isn’t just happening to you – you’re making your life happen for you. This card is also asking you to slow down. With the constant need for all of us to push out work endlessly, really slow down and produce work you’re proud of.

Virgo: King of Staffs card. The King of Staffs is very enthusiastic, charismatic, and warm. He is a leader and loves to reinforce new ideas and journeys. Perhaps for this week, really explore how you take the lead and if you are missing these key areas (charisma and enthusiasm in your life) it may be that they’re coming soon to you. Perhaps coming soon in the form of another entity, or you’ll soon realise it within yourself this week.

Libra: High Priestess card. This week Libra it’s key that you listen more to your intuition. Your intuition and gut feeling are the closest things to your soul that you have. This card is asking you this week to really step back and chill out. Really, chill out and let things take their natural flow. You’ve done a lot lately for your life, and sometimes it is equally beneficial to allow the Universe to work for you too.

Scorpio: Ace of Cups card. Scorpio it’s looking as though love may be in the cards for you this week. The Ace of Cups is usually always a good sign in the realm of love, and as per the cup suit, this week your cup is overflowing with love. Whether that love is from friends, family, or a special someone, this should be a really nice week for you. Likewise, use this as a reminder to show yourself great self love! Really open your heart to the possibilities and don’t shut out what hasn’t been possibly explored yet. Stay optimistic and ask questions!

Sagittarius: The Hierophant card. Sagittarius, as a free spirit you typically don’t love structure nor a journey that keeps you to one path. However, receiving the Hierophant card may be a sign that it could be beneficial for you this week to seek out a mentor or teacher to help in certain areas of your life. Likewise, this card is asking you to revisit your inner values. What values mean most to you? What values are pushing you forward in your life? Likewise take a look at how you evoke these values and how you use them in your daily life. You may be surprised to find you’re actually being quite quiet about them.

Capricorn: Three of Swords card. The Three of Swords is not an easy card. It asks you to essentially “break yourself open” to really let light in. We all know the saying that to see the light we have to go through the dark, and that’s exactly what this card is asking of you this week. What hardships or hard emotions or traits have you pushed to the side before? Do you feel them bubbling to the top lately? Explore them and ask why you pushed them away. This week is a good week to dissect them and really give yourself peace finally.

Aquarius: The World card. Aquarius, this is a really major moment for you. This week you may be faced with closing the door to an important part of your life and entering a new chapter. With the World card there is a sense of calmness, though excitement bursting through. Most things happen as they should, with timing, patience, and trust, this will aid you in your journey this week. As the World is always representative of new beginnings, cycles, and journeys, this week will embody exactly that. No matter how big of a change or small of a change, all systems within “The World” matter and should be noticed.

Pisces: Seven of Pentacles card. This is a really great card to get, Pisces! It’s asking you to step back, breathe, and take a great look at all your hard work you’ve done lately. All your labour is now flourishing into beautiful fruits. While most cards in the Pentacle suit denotes emotions and having to reflect, the Seven of Pentacles is definitely a positive moment for you. Give yourself a moment to breathe and really pat yourself on your back for all your hard work and fruits of your labour achieved!

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