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How I Found The Importance of Angel Numbers

How I Found The Importance of Angel Numbers

Have you ever come across coincidences that were too good to be true? Or realised that things were happening right at the perfect time? I experienced this a few weeks ago when I truly encountered my angel numbers.

Do you know about angel numbers?

My earliest recollection of angel numbers were when 11:11 would come and all my friends and I would say “make a wish!” These are really special occurrences that some would say don’t happen very often. Mid July was when I realised the weight that angel numbers really held.

I was sitting with one of my best friends when I saw that the time was 5:55pm. I quickly Googled the meaning and saw it meant really big changes were coming. We had just finished discussing a few big things for him prior, and so I immediately assumed the timely occurrence was directed to him. The next day however, I got some really shocking news that shook me to my core. I was distraught and teary, and just in shock really. My relationship with angel numbers truly began to come to fruition. The angel number 555 is a reminder that indeed amongst big changes, the only way is forward.

A few weeks later I saw 555 again as I was checking out of a grocery store and saw my total came to £5.55. I immediately took a photo and was anxious and excited for what big change could come next. The next big change was experiencing a severe vertigo episode whilst I was sleeping last Wednesday. It was a horrific episode that lasted from 9am to 1pm and it made me nauseous, off balance, and anxious. Paramedics were called but subsequently no cause for the vertigo could be found. And finally, my most recent experience with angel numbers was when I was on WhatsApp and saw someone’s last seen was 5:55pm, I anticipated heavily what this change could be. On a lower scale, but just as major, I finished helping a start up company apply for grants, and my laptop suddenly died showcasing that the battery blurted “needs replacing.”

So, as I write this piece minus my laptop, I have taken in the plethora of changes my angel numbers have pointed out to me. Rather than just numbers, but more so messages and lessons. I additionally quickly Googled how to figure out your angel number from your birth date and to my surprise…from my birthday March 23, 1995, my angel number is 555. If you’d like to check out what your angel number is pertaining to your birthday, feel free to find it here.

Angel numbers are messages from angels or spiritual guardians that are pushing you to take notice of things beyond your current state. Sometimes they are also a thumbs up to our current path or a reminder to keep moving forward. We all too often get so caught up in our lives that sometimes we forget to really breathe and take notice of what’s around us. According to Secret of the Tarot, they say that angel numbers are “[…] vibrational [frequencies] […] similar in nature to the frequencies at which angels and other celestial beings resonate. Often, when our guardian angels want to get our attention they will send us a specific series of numbers which will appear in our experience again and again.”

Spiritual Vectors has a really great explanation on what angel numbers are and are not. Additionally so, they explain how we can identify with angel numbers and the experiences we find ourselves in, but they are not our identity. Likewise Well and Good has some great explanations on what the numbers mean when we see them. For example, 111 pertains to a great moment for manifestation and that all we manifest and spend our energy on will flourish. And 222 pertains to being in the moment and taking more time for gratitude and slowness.

So, what did I take from my experiences? From the first experience I learnt to not attach myself so much to things that could be fleeting. In business, when things are going great – they could crash at any moment, and I need to teach myself to be even more adaptable than I am and not get so connected personally in a way that could cause me more sadness. With my second experience, I learnt that my health is never guaranteed. It even made me question if we all went back to work or to our “normals” too fast. Was my body not ready for it all? Maybe. But it just made me remember to be cautious and grateful with my health, as tomorrow is never guaranteed. Lastly, with my laptop, it just reminded me of the joy that silence brings. I came home after going to the Apple store, with no laptop to watch YouTube or shows on and to just really sit and be still. We plonk ourselves in front of these bright screens for so long that we essentially become these efficiency machines just like our laptops. Additionally, I was reminded of the joy of working on Google suites as they automatically save your work without having to work on the same device.

There are so many spiritual happenings in our world and I strongly advise you to tune into these happenings. We sometimes pass them off easily as coincidences or trained thoughts, but they hold the potential to share with us deeper messages we may be missing or passing off as small occurrences. If I take anything from these happenings, it’s that we all need to slow down and really absorb what is happening with our lives. Our health, happiness, and experiences are not just daily things but rather make up our journey here on Earth – tune into them!

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