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Tarot Tuesday: The Week of July 28, 2020.

Tarot Tuesday: The Week of July 28, 2020.


Just like that we’re at the end of July! 2020 has truly flown by but not without all of it’s lessons, journeys, and obstacles it’s given us. Let’s take a look into this week’s Tarot reading and see what’s in store! We have a Tarot surprise at the end of this reading so stay tuned!

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For the first two cards we are using the Fairy Tarot Card Deck. The first card is the Five of Summer. This card resembles trusting in the journey and understanding that there is a way for everything to happen appropriately. This is the week we are being pushed to really look at the positives of ourselves, empower ourselves, and not hide in our insecurities. Additionally, what areas of our lives are looking relatively shallow? What relationships or business partnerships are simply too surface level for growth?

The second card is the Two of Autumn. This fairy is reminding you of the joy in multitasking and living life to the fullest. All too often we get extremely focused on one task – wanting to perfect, however the Two of Autumn is signalling that we need to let loose, have fun, and enjoy taking on many projects! The Moon is currently in Scorpio, which is one of the most passionate signs. Therefore, take this as a great time to really put your all into projects, relationships, and yourself. For many signs during the Moon being in Scorpio, it will push them to take action. Whether that is putting more effort into our work, drastically changing our lives, or learning something completely new – it’s no surprise that this is a great time for it. As you’ve received this card it is also pointing at the fact that you’ve probably been a good multitasker before. Additionally, if you have been one to love multitasking, it is asking you to really look at the finer details of your work and life. Some details may be slipping through the cracks.

The third card is from the Good Tarot Card Deck, and is the 6 of Fire. This card is asking you to allow people (or even yourself) to acknowledge your hard work. If people want to praise you – let them. Additionally, it’s important you now take this time to praise yourself. I’ve come across so many people (myself included) who know their faults and insecurities like the back of their hand, but have such a hard time praising their accomplishments. This is a reminder to really embrace praising, self love, and acknowledgement for your hard work. Instead of pointing out your faults, replace them with “I could be a better multitasker and my communication skills are actually really great, so today I’ll work on reaching out for help in juggling more projects!”

The fourth and final card is the Messenger of Earth. This is a card we haven’t come across before, but is such a special card. This card is signalling fresh, new beginnings that may be tricky to navigate. I’d like to additionally draw your attention to Angel Numbers. These are special numbers (sometimes singular, double digits, or in triple digit form) that are from guardian angels pointing you towards messages of guidance. I recently have been coming across the numbers 555 for the past two weeks. My initial experience with this number these last few weeks was when I glanced at the time and saw it was 5:55pm. I was aware this was significant and upon some research saw something massive was about to happen. Without a shadow of doubt, the next day a huge change occurred at work, and I was incredibly distraught. Then this week I was checking out at the grocery store, and my total came to £5.55, similarly I saw 5:55pm again the next evening. I did a quick Google search and found that personally based off my birthday, my angel number is also 555 – I couldn’t believe it. If anything, the Messenger of Earth and Angel Numbers are so poignant in nudging us that there are big changes on the horizon. They’re also there to remind us that the only way is forward. By remembering this we can somewhat feel comforted that no matter what tribulations we are served, we will make it through.

Overall, this week is looking very transformational for us all. No matter how small or big of a realisation or new adventure we encounter, it will shake us up a bit. With the Moon in Scorpio and us coming across the 6 of Fire card, we are pushed to really uncover our power. Do not hesitate on your self esteem this week; focus on empowering yourself and recognising what great characteristics you hold. With the 6 of Fire in particular being a massive boat sailing through the sky, we are shown that nothing is impossible. If a hefty boat can fly, so can we. Soar on your positives this week.

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