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3 Resources to Help You Connect with And Invest in Women

3 Resources to Help You Connect with And Invest in Women

Women only get a fraction of the percentage of funding that goes to companies each year, and we are also often underrepresented or underpaid in the workplace. Tackling this issue is a mammoth task that takes society-wide coordination and collaboration, but there are still ways in which we can individually help to even the playing field. Here are three resources to help you invest in or connect with and support women.

  1. The Helm

The Helm is a website and directory of women-owned businesses and female-created products that makes it easy for your to buy from and thus directly support women-owned businesses. The site also shares the stories of inspiring female founders and has an Investor Community that allows you to invest directly into women-owned businesses.

2. GirlBoss Network

Sophia Amoruso’s Girlboss Network posits itself as the “Linkedin for women” and comes pretty close at being just that. It is first and foremost a membership network that allows women to connect with one another in a professional capacity, collaborating on projects and sharing ideas. The site also shares inspiring podcasts and newsletters and hosts virtual meet-ups, all in a bid to help you meet and support other women.

3. EveryStylishGirl

Media startup EveryStylishGirl is our go-to-resource for supporting black and brown women in business. The site offers a networking community, organises events and internships (through its internship program), and hosts a career advancement directory. The startup is brilliant not only for its design and ethos, but also for its nuanced view of business in light of the hardships that women of colour face.

Would you join a female-only membership network?

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