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Tarot Tuesday: The Week of July 21, 2020.

Tarot Tuesday: The Week of July 21, 2020.


Happy Tarot Tuesday! For today’s weekly reading we will be discussing moving onward from the obstacles that were presented to us last week presented. For this general reading we will read from a five card spread, focusing on the Tarot of a Moon Garden deck. As always, I’ve added the Motivation Manifesto deck to ensure we are inspired by motivating words of wisdom.

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The first card is the Sun card. The Sun card represents pleasures derived from simple things, accomplishment, devotion, and pleasures in daily existence. This week the Sun card is asking you to reflect on what good work you’ve achieved, carried out, and accomplished this far. More over, the Sun card is asking you to let loose and trust in the abilities that you’ve used this far. There’s also a new perspective on the horizon for you, if you’ve been sitting on a decision to be made – this week is the week to go forth with your decision.

The second card is the High Priestess card. This card represents sound judgement, common sense, objectivity, and foresight. Allow this week to be one where you have some really intentional mini goals. Recognise what work has to be done in order to reach the greater goal you have in mind. The High Priestess is also holding a scroll which perhaps pertains to what only she knows. In turn, what do only you know that is most important in your life mission? As well as a religious figure she is inspecting the darkest aspects of your life and exploring your subconscious. Go forth with her and inspect what is wandering in your subconscious mind – unexplored goals, quiet thoughts, deepest secrets, etc.

The third card is the Ace of Cups. This card represents great abundance, fulfilment, and opulence. By pairing the Ace of Cups with the Sun card we are reminded of what abundance is ahead of us and with us presently. The Ace of Cups is overflowing, therefore showing the overflowing abundance that is present to us. Likewise, there is a dove coming towards the cup which represents peace and love entering the subconscious mind. Allow the dove and overflowing cup to infiltrate your thoughts on how we see ourselves. So many times we are quick to judge and knit pick our faults, but by appreciating and unlearning these negative habits we create room for self-love to overflow.

The fourth card is from the Motivational Manifesto deck, and reads: “There is light all around, there is much to be grateful for in this seemingly dark world, and so all we must do is pull our gaze from the shadow and look to the ocean of Divine light and grace in which we are blessed to live.” This week really is all about gratefulness and recognising the wealth we hold. Whether that wealth pertains to our health or our accomplishments, it’s key we recognise what we do have as opposed to what we don’t have.

The final card is from the same deck, and reads: “We cannot timidly wait for everything to fall into our laps; we will receive only as we rise and march, for destiny turns its ear to those without fear.” Nearer to the end of the week it is poignant that we recognise the importance of action. We have to be grateful for what we’ve created but in turn as the quote says, we cannot sit quietly with that abundance. As we have received a New Moon yesterday afternoon, many of us may feel emotionally blocked and exhausted from Cancer season. As it still is Cancer season, it is key we still honour the deep parts of us that emote through our souls the deepest. If there are some long awaited dreams or goals you want to explore – use this week to really give yourself the space to do so.

Overall, as this New Moon is strongly opposed to Saturn it’s important we do everything we can to continue to inspire ourselves. There will be many emotional blocks we will feel, however it’s vital we explore the deep parts of ourselves no one sees. If this reading does anything, it is showing us that we in fact do have an abundance of wealth, positivity, and goodness within ourselves. For the most part this week is looking like a lot of shadow work is needed. Explore what shadow work means to you, and how you can explore the darkest parts of you that are bothering you or leaving you stunted. We constantly are chasing things we want however if we reflect on what we presently have, it may help us grow in ways we don’t expect. The Moon and the Sun have been in Cancer for a while, meaning that we have been deeply in our feelings for a while. We are feeling the need to nest, create a space for our deepest emotions, and to hibernate even. Allow yourself the time to do just this and fear not the race to get back to “normal.”

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