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Tarot Tuesday: How Can I Re-Energise My Self Care for Myself?

Tarot Tuesday: How Can I Re-Energise My Self Care for Myself?

For this Tuesday’s personal reading we are taking a prompt from a reader asking about self care and how they can further re-energise this aspect of their life. Self care is far beyond face masks, bubble baths, or candles, but rather a deep intrinsic look into our shadows and emotional needs.

Question asked: “How can I re-energise my self care for myself?”

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The first card is the Six of Swords card from the Tarot of a Moon Garden deck. The Six of Swords represents a traveller, or something that is travelling. On the card we see a dragon swimming through waves with six swords hoisted by dragonflies. Dragonflies for ages have represented change and transformation. Imagine yourself as the dragon, swimming towards the beach shore in the distance. Though we don’t know how close the shore is, so not swimming is not an option. This translates to our present life – we constantly have to be working on our self care and self love, both are constantly a work in progress. As swimmers, it makes sense to change the way we swim as there is not just one way to swim, so through self care it’s poignant to change how we show ourselves care and love. What may have worked for you last month may not work for you at all this month etc. Additionally, through change we see the happiness and sadness of “cutting” ties of old ways that no longer serve us. What old self care ways no longer serve you and thus need cutting off? What ways do you talk to or view yourself that no longer positively serves your growth within self care?

The second card is the Wheel of Fortune card. As we are constantly changing, evolving, and progressing, so is the Wheel of Fortune. It doesn’t stop until it has to, nor does it stay concrete on where it lands, it will move again. Just like that, our journey with ourselves doesn’t stop or come to any predicted state, but rather it evolves gradually and surprisingly. Use this time to focus on giving your good and positive energy towards your self care. By using this intentionality we are giving ourselves the first priority to heal and evidently self care in the best way that pertains to us personally. The Wheel of Fortune card is a slow moving card, it moves at a consistent pace, only slowing down or speeding up when pushed to. Likewise, you have control over when you move and how fast or slow you move. Overall, the Wheel of Fortune card is a very positive one. So use this card to implement steady, positive turns within your self care routine. Through listening steadily to yourself and really using your intuition of what you need next, you’re using the card to it’s full potential.

The third card is from the Motivational Manifesto card deck, and reads: “A life of greater joy, power, and satisfaction awaits those who consciously design their life.” Don’t let self care or life just “happen” to you, consciously and intentionally make your self care work for you. Neither are just happening to you, but rather you and life, you and self care are all working together to create a harmonious rhythm. Be intentional, ask dark questions pertaining to the deepest depths of yourself, seek out your soul, cry, wail, do whatever it is that you need to heal and grow.

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The final card is from the same deck, and reads: “We are to be radiant, grateful, buoyant people.” This card is more of an affirmation if anything else. It’s a reminder that to live a truly happy and fulfilled life we need to be adaptable, grateful, and positive. There will be inevitable ups and downs, just like the Wheel of Fortune, however our mindset and how we tend to ourselves will forever change our outcomes.

Overall, the most beneficial way to re-energise self care for you is to consciously look at the ebbs and flows you’ve experienced in your life and how you dealt with them. The reason being that to move forward positively we have to look at our past and what worked and didn’t work for us. If we look at the Wheel of Fortune card again, we are being reminded to look at the bigger picture of what is really going on in our lives. Life’s natural rhythms may be different to what your inner soul is used to or needing right now, so in tune with self care – slow yourself down. Slowing things down has never hurt anyone, and it is another form of self care in the realm of really looking at the bigger picture of your life.

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