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Tarot Tuesday: Will I Progress in My Chosen Career Path This Year?

Tarot Tuesday: Will I Progress in My Chosen Career Path This Year?

For today’s personal reading, a reader has asked us the below question. As mentioned before, this new transition and new “normal” we are experiencing is nothing short of basically uprooting our learned patterns and learned lifestyles. Careers are in question and our life paths are to be explored further. Though we have done readings before regarding careers, it’s key to remember every personal reading will provide different insight. Likewise as the world turns and our days change, every reading will be different.

Question asked: “Will I progress in my chosen career path this year?”

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First and foremost, it goes without saying that the most important thing is to really believe in yourself. However, Tarot readings can further help ignite a fire within that perhaps you had doubts over before or further push you to explore the path you’ve dabbled in a bit prior.

The first card is from the Motivation Manifesto card deck and reads: “Success & fulfillment in life rest on the unflagging ability to get up, to be ourselves, to chase our dreams with fire each day, to keep willing ourselves to the next level of presence and performance and potential.” This card is pushing you to remind yourself of the importance of self-motivation and to do what we need to in order to reach our goals. What actions, thoughts, and processes do you need to take in order to make sure you progress in your career accordingly? Yes, there are many aspects that may be handled by someone higher up than yourself like the person who handles hiring or brings you into the team. However, there are plenty of steps that need to be done by you. Self-improvement, masterclasses, webinars, online tutorials, books to read, self projects to execute etc. What can you do to prepare yourself as much as possible before entering someone else’s realm, office, or team?

The second card is from the same deck and reads: “Let us not hope for mere chance to change our story; let us summon the courage to change it ourselves. Some will stand in our way, but we mustn’t hide or minimize ourselves any longer.” Again, this card speaks on the area of taking things into our own hands. I personally get frustrated at people who hold certain roles for years and teams that don’t change for years or even decades. It seems extremely elitist and exclusive. There are so many young creatives with great ideas, talents, and work ethics, that are being looked over. Is there something we can do personally in order to make room for ourselves? Are we experiencing imposter syndrome – where we think we aren’t deserving of a spot and therefore push ourselves away from it? Do we feel “not ready yet” but essentially have done so much work to be ready and are letting our fears get the best of us?

The third card is from The { } And card experience and asks you: “What’s the one thing I could do that would dramatically improve my life?” Again, as always, ask yourself this question: Is it taking a big leap of faith in approaching people / networking that will help me in my career? Is it setting my ego aside and asking for help in my team or for assistance? Is it reevaluating my finances and maybe even putting more into my craft, that will help? Or is it reeling in my finances and reevaluating where my funds aren’t working properly? Whichever path it is, be real and honest with yourself. We attach ourselves a lot of the time to our craft, however sometimes the best thing is to be objective and unbiased with our business decisions.

The fourth card is from the Good Tarot deck and is the 8 of Earth card. This card symbolises apprenticeship, learning, and relearning. As Earth is such a humbling element, it asks us to return to mastering our craft. It is asking you to keep learning and to continue growing. For your career to really flourish, it’s important to relearn (and potentially unlearn) things you’re all too comfortable with. I know I’m quite nervous around networking, however I’ve pushed myself a lot to reach out to people for a meeting or discussion beyond work. Creating professional relationships with people is just as important as discussing jobs. During this time, can you work on asking people for Zoom calls / Skype meetings to simply pick their brains on what is missing in their arena right now? Such as what topics or pieces are they missing from their website? What can you offer them? What skills can you bring to their arena? Take someone “out” for a coffee meeting – (keeping within your city’s regulations re the pandemic of course, maybe a Zoom coffee meeting may be good!) Allow this chance to be used as a way to express your sheer interest and appreciation for their company or projects they’re doing. I think we focus a lot on connecting to get opportunities, but we miss out on sheer discussions, like expressing our thanks for team work that is beyond a thank you email – reach out for a thank you coffee! This will stick in their minds and potentially set you further away from the other applicants or teams who are doing the same thing as you in your career. Send flowers, or a card, or your merchandise, to express interest or thanks in their recent work or the movements they’ve made as a company. People react well when met with being personal (in a professional way.)

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The fifth card is from the same deck and is the 10 of Fire card. This card symbolises the end of things to create space for beginnings. Fire – as such a destructive element, can also be seen as the element that births warmth and new creations. Don’t be afraid of flames or fire – allow it to end what has finished and to create what is to begin. Before I was really superstitious in not wearing the colour red. Particularly for the reason that through colour theory, I know people can sometimes get more angry or upset when seeing the colour red. However, on the other hand, I know now that likewise, red symbolises passion and being strong. I now wear red more in order to signify this to people. In turn with flames, redness and intensity, I get a feeling that wearing the colour red more – and at important events / meetings, could be a really great thing for you next. Don’t be afraid of coming off too strong – remember your intensity and passion is what will project you forward in your career. Rarely do watery, wishy – washy ideas or personalities get far. Even if you’re scared of rejection or failure, do whatever it is you wanted to try. It will set you further apart from where you began. Likewise, take the time to imagine what progress actually looks like to you in your career path. Does it mean becoming your own boss? Does it mean having 15 great projects by the end of the year – or even having 1 great project? Does it mean being recognised within your industry – again what does recognised mean to you?

The sixth card is from the same deck and is the Ace of Fire card. With this final card, this is a really significant card. It resembles a spirit-powered action and an inspired transformation. This card is really asking you to transform and do something that will significantly change your career path – not to change the career itself, but to change an aspect within your career. The Ace of Fire once more is asking you to not be afraid of change or dreaming big. A significant helper within your career progress will be taking two continuous big jumps. The first will be significant as it will be your first and will feel huge and euphoric. The second will need to be done in order to continue the momentum and to show the Universe this is something you want. Don’t forget to continue the momentum even after the second leap – create a strong journey. I suggest sending 10 emails (not DMs) this week to 10 individuals (freelancers, or individuals within companies) who you admire. Whether it is about a recent project you loved / resonated with, or simply want to say – hey I love the journey you’ve taken to get to where you are – either way, these outreaches will be important and significant in your progress.

Overall, I do see you succeeding / progressing far within your career path. There will be obstacles, however many may be able to be deterred by ourselves in terms of how we handle them and build up again after being brought down. Likewise, it’s important to be wary of how rejection and long waits are handled – frustration can be good sometimes and can be used to fire up great projects that are inspiring and innovating. Use that time to learn, evolve, and progress by yourself. There is so much that can be done on your own. It may take longer than anticipated to progress as the pandemic has caused a lot of things to slow down, but don’t allow yourself to become unmotivated. You have it within you to progress on your own terms too. You are your biggest cheerleader and the only one that will always be there no matter what.

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