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Tarot Tuesday: The Week of July 14th, 2020.

Tarot Tuesday: The Week of July 14th, 2020.


We are in the middle of July already! And as businesses and shops are slowly re-opening, there is no shortage of excitement, planning, questions, confusion, and soul searching. This week we are focusing our Tarot readings on just this – searching. For this general reading for how your week will go, we will focus on the search in transformations, how the moon signs will affect your week potentially, and trusting in the journey of new beginnings!

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The first card is from the Motivation Manifesto card deck. It reads: “I won’t let others stoke fear in my heart. I choose to remain true to who I am and where my dreams direct me, no matter the hardship I might incur.” This is immensely a week for releasing pent up energy from the past Mercury Retrograde that occurred. We may feel relief and a certain calmness, but do allow this to be a time for you where you get ready and roaring for what’s to come. I see an obstacle coming for you which will be within your strength to handle. But as mentioned, don’t let others tear you down because of their uncertainties – remember your goal, keep your ideas in mind, and prepare for them. This week really is about preparing for the inevitable greatness coming.

The second card is from the same deck and reads: “We should not fear an obsession for building a great, free life.” Aside from career chat, I see this as a really great time for you to build on your health. Health is wealth as so many people say, and to live a flourished, positive life, a mindset of good health is so important. Even if we may not be at our optimum health, keeping a positive mindset through our difficulties and obstacles is very key in transformation.

The third card is from the Good Tarot card deck and is the Page of Earth card. The Page typically is someone who is a messenger or has a message to deliver. Through the suit of the Earth, it is a reminder of sticking to the road ahead, but to feel okay in going off route. Through your transformation, the Page of Earth is signifying the almost walking next to you energy, and that even if you are by yourself, you’re not alone. The lush fields, trees, and the Page’s wings signify the world being your oyster. This translates to you – the world is ahead of you, don’t let anything stop you. The Page is also a signifier of internal energy, make sure that your internal energy reflects your morals, beliefs, and goals as it all relates and will contribute to your greater success & happiness.

The fourth card is from the same deck and is the 10 of Water card. The 10 of Water really resembles what water can do for everything. Water can transform and build, and likewise thrash down and destroy. Use this as a tool to recognize old patterns, old routines, old journeys, and embrace the new that is coming for you. For most, today is quite a roaring day – though the Retrograde is over, the moon is in Aries for the last day of July 13 – which signifies great passion, perhaps headstrong opinions, clashing, and feistiness. However, there is plenty of good that comes with this – Aries are known to be strong, decisive, and empowered, and that can only bring good to your week. Use it in turn with the 10 of Water, in these new beginnings you may break free from old ways and commit hard to them. Moving forward in the week, the moon will be in Taurus, and then Gemini, then ending on Sunday with Cancer. All these signs are greatly important to growth – Taurus resembling great effort / work ethic, Gemini resembling curiosity & change, and Cancer resembling being in tune with emotions & imagination. Plenty of positivity and areas that will help you grow & push forward in your transformation / new beginnings.

Are you good with new beginnings?

The fifth card is from the same deck and is the Fool card. While many who get this card may be fearful or confused as to whether it’s positive or negative, it really is quite positive. The Fool card represents curiosity, enthusiasm and spontaneity. All the things needed within new journeys. Obviously the flip side to the Fool if received reversed would be carelessness and recklessness, however the card received was upright. Gazing up at the sky, the Fool has bright horizons and strong dreams towards the future.

Overall, this week is looking like a big week of risk taking and trusting in yourself & the Universe. Allow yourself to just fully take on your risks and areas you’re curious about. Likewise, keep in tune with this week’s moon signs, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. Allowing yourself to be gentle with yourself will also help in understanding your journey better. In times of doubt, remember the week keeps moving. You can continue moving or take pauses – both will be beneficial for your transformation. Have a great week!

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