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Travel Films for Your Summer Holistay

Travel Films for Your Summer Holistay

COVID-19 may have forced us to rethink our travel plans (sigh). But with a movie marathon, you can enjoy the next best thing to a proper holiday – visiting Barcelona’s Las Ramblas, Ayer’s Rock and even Machu Picchu without leaving your sofa.

Unfortunately, many of the most inspirational, witty and artistic travel films aren’t available on Netflix. Still, the online detour is worth it to visit these destinations on your holistay…


Photo Courtesy of: See-Saw Films

(Destination: Australia)

Ever wanted to escape your everyday life and head into the wilderness? If so, you can definitely relate to Robin Davidson – a real-life woman who trekked across the Outback with her dog and four camels. Some scenes are difficult to watch as an animal lover. Still, Tracks is a great film for anyone who longs for an Aussie adventure.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, YouTube

The Darjeeling Limited

Photo Courtesy of: Searchlight Pictures

(Destination: India)

When the Whitman brothers board a train through India on the anniversary of their father’s death, their plan to find spiritual guidance is soon foiled by family drama. Not to mention an escaped cobra… In classic Wes Anderson fashion, this film is full of quirky dialogue and rich visuals, with lively views of the streets, temples and farmers’ fields of Rajasthan.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, Sky Store, YouTube

Before Sunrise

Photo Courtesy of: Castle Rock Entertainment via LitHub

(Destination: Austria)

In this cult romance, an American man and French woman spend a single night together exploring Vienna. It’s not a plot-driven movie, focusing instead on conversations about life, love and Dylan Thomas poetry. Interspersed between these words are iconic backdrops like the Riesenrad Ferris wheel, along with lesser-known (but equally pretty) side streets and cafés.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes, Sky Store, YouTube

One Week

Photo Courtesy of: Comique Film Corporation

(Destination: Canada)

Diagnosed with stage-four cancer, Ben Tyler begins a spontaneous week-long motorcycle journey from Toronto to Tofino. Along the way, he takes photos at tacky roadside attractions, hikes through open prairies and Douglas fir forests, and talks to friendly strangers who help him figure out his next steps. Despite the abundance of Canadian cultural references, One Week offers diverse and beautiful scenery that any virtual traveller can enjoy.

Where to buy: Amazon [Region 1 DVD]

See Also

Cheetah Girls 2

Photo Courtesy of: Disney

(Destination: Spain)

In this movie, a girl group flies to Barcelona for a singing competition and struggles to find time to rehearse. Naturally, there’s lots of clichés. Handsome tango dancers. Random outbursts of song. A montage of well-known sights that are nowhere near each other. But for me, the strong female leads and gorgeous scenes of Parc Güell set Cheetah Girls 2 apart from similar teen travel films.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime, Disney+

Diarios de motocicleta (The Motorcycle Diaries)

Photo Courtesy of: Focus Features

(Destinations: Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela)

This memoir-turned-biopic follows the future guerilla leader Ernesto “Che” Guevara as a young med student traveling across South America with his friend Alberto. Throughout their journey, they confront everyday injustices against indigenous people, from malnutrition to homelessness. Che’s politics aside, The Motorcycle Diaries features a touching script and breathtaking views of the Andes, the Patagonian Lake District and the Amazon basin.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

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