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The Global Serviced Apartment You Should Choose Over A Hotel

The Global Serviced Apartment You Should Choose Over A Hotel

Sonder London

Hotels are the go-to for most travellers, and whilst the good ones will offer great service and a luxurious atmosphere, they do miss out on that feeling of being at home. Plus room service isn’t always what I’m in the mood for. That’s why I’ve graduated to serviced apartments.

Serviced apartments are a cross between the hotel and the apartment. They look just like regular apartments, but come complete with everything you need for your stay including bedding, cockery, cutlery etc. Most of them also offer cleaning services for the duration of your stay. The great thing about serviced apartments is that you get the services (cleaning and maintenance) of a hotel, but the comforts (being able to cook, freedom) of an apartment.

My favourite provider of serviced apartments in London is Sonder. Inspired by a trip to San Francisco where they couldn’t find a nice, reliable apartment to stay in, founders Francis and Mark sought to offer a place with “great service and an authentic travel experience.” I can vouch for both of their aims.

I booked a Sonder for a week in London and honestly didn’t want to leave when my trip was over. The Bayswater (Sonder have locations all over London including Marylebone and Westminster) apartment I stayed in was beautifully designed, fully furnished and came with everything I needed including a coffee maker, laundry bags and a TV for my Netflix marathons. It was also housed in a portered building for extra security.

The biggest difference I noticed between staying at the Sonder and previous times I had stayed in hotels was the speed at which I settled into the Sonder. A few hours after receiving my keys from the lovely lady who showed me around, I had my feet up on the couch, watching a show on the TV, feeling as though I was at home. And that’s a feeling that I never get in hotels.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the hotel, or want a place where you can invite friends round to, then take my advice and get yourself a Sonder. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Do you prefer hotels or serviced apartments?


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