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Tarot Tuesday: The Week of July 7, 2020.

Tarot Tuesday: The Week of July 7, 2020.

Hi everyone! It’s been a full month that we’ve been doing the Tarot Tuesday series! We have thoroughly enjoyed doing these, and hope you all have enjoyed reading them. As always, our inbox is open to any Tarot questions you have as we are always looking for new questions to do readings to!

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For this week’s reading we’re reading a five card spread, with one deck from the Fairy Tarot Deck, and the other from The { } And card experience. This will allow us to see what messages the fairies & Universe would like to send to us pertaining to this week ahead, and likewise important questions that we can ask ourselves in order to continue growing.

The first card is from The { } And card experience, and asks “how do finances affect our friendship?” As always, when doing these readings use the term “friendship” to reflect on your relationship with yourself. How do your finances affect your relationship with yourself? Do you constantly keep your finances tight to avoid worry? Do you spend frivolously? Do you see money as a way to expand your growth and look at it in an abundant way? Whichever way you look at it, as mentioned before, sometimes the way we look at money can be brought on by our childhood upbringings and what was instilled in us at an early age. However, the important thing now is to recognise how it may be harming us or benefiting us in the realm of our life. Could you let loose with your money a bit more? Do you need to budget a bit better? Being honest with ourselves around improving in the realm of finances can always benefit us in other realms of our lives such as work, friendships, and how we connect with ourselves.

Do you like to save or splurge?

The second card is also from this deck and asks “how can I support you in becoming the person you want to be?” Again, ask yourself this question. This week it’s all about honesty (obviously all weeks but in particular this one!) As we just experienced the full moon aka the Buck Moon – it is opening the light on a dark area of your life. Perhaps this isn’t a very “deep” area but it’s one that you’ve brushed away for a while. Now is the perfect time to dive into it and really look at why you pushed it away. There’s plenty of self-mastery and reflection, and now is the time to really “check yourself.” We’re still in Cancer season and therefore this means emotions are still high and it is a good time to just be open and honest with what is going on in your life. There are things in your life that you need to give a bit more attention on – you’ve maybe ignored them for a while. Is it your health? Is it your relationships?

The third card is from the Fairy Tarot card deck and is The Hermit card. As we somewhat know, hermits are usually seen as things or individuals who retract themselves to their abodes and enjoy solitude. This fairy is asking you to take a moment to do that. Allow this time of solitude be one that you can grow spiritually in and to really take a break from conversing too much with other people.

The fourth card is from the same deck and is the Ace of Autumn card. As the season of Autumn typically pertains to readying oneself before Winter, we usually see animals and individuals stocking up on things and getting ready for hibernation or rest in Winter. Via this particular card, the foreseeing of money, success and great gifts (perhaps via the form of advice) is here. This works well within the realm of hibernation, solitude and rest as per the previous cards signified. The fruits of your labour are coming to you through various forms and are allowing you to sit steadily and calmly. I envision some promising changes that won’t require you to do anything except accept them in.

The fifth card is also from the same deck and is the King of Winter card. As this card signifies “unemotional relationships” it’s pointing towards the high emotions that Cancer season brings. An unemotional, perhaps even platonic relationship, may benefit you in a way you don’t foresee. Seeking advice from someone who isn’t too invested in your life may also benefit you – I suggest during this week if you have any questions or worries to seek advice from those you aren’t too invested in, as the advice will be unbiased.

Overall, the spread this week is quite simple, in that it is – as a collective – asking you to retract, relax, and reflect. A lot of reflecting and taking action on your side has been done in the past weeks – but this can only be beneficial. Early summer is when the new antlers for deers usually comes out, signifying a time of change and transformation – allow this as a great time to embrace change, rest, and renewal. Natural change is coming where it won’t ask you to do anything but accept it. Change will arise, new experiences, and new opportunities will come – allow them to come in and take what you can from them. Have a great July!

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