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Tarot Tuesday: How Can I Improve My Relationship with My Life?

Tarot Tuesday: How Can I Improve My Relationship with My Life?

Often we ask how we can improve our romantic relationships, however it’s likewise just as important that we ask how we can improve our relationships with our lives. How we treat ourselves, how we add gold to our lives, and how we constantly try to improve our lives is so vitally important for the succession of our growth.

Is growth a priority for you?

This week we are discussing with Tarot cards how we can improve our relationships with our lives. Directly the journey within our lives, not aspects, but the entirety of it. For this spread we are using cards from the Tarot of a Moon Garden deck, and cards from the Motivation Manifesto deck.

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The first card is from the Motivation Manifesto deck, and reads Love was never absent from our lives. It is not bound in our hearts or in our relationships, and thus it is not capable of being owned or lost. We have allowed our awareness of Love to diminish; that is all. Sometimes we get way too caught up in the concept of love, rather than accepting and allowing it to flow freely into our lives in ways other than how we expect it to. Not everyone expresses their love in the same way we do and that is ok. Not all aspects of life will show us pure love, but rather life lessons that we will end up being grateful for in the end. If we constantly are trying to restrain others or mold them to our liking, it only ends up hurting ourselves. If we let go of the restraints and see love for what it really is – a beautiful experience – we only allow in the deep beauty that is truly love, which will enrich our lives and teach us so much. Try to remember what lessons life was trying to teach you, but you pushed it away or rejected it. Why did you? Was it out of fear? Was it out of not wanting to venture out of your comfort zone?

The second card is from the same deck, and reads We have forgotten that the natural foe to life is not a distant death, but a present, in-the-moment detachment from living. Again, one of the biggest faults we have in life and one of the most detrimental things to our relationships with our lives is forgetting to simply live. We get so focused on the details, controlling life, and making it absolutely, exactly, and precisely, just how we want it, that in the end we end up disappointed when it doesn’t happen that way. And in turn, we end up seeing our life pass us in a quick flash – and not enjoying any of it but rather being exhausted by the control. Let go of expectations, let go of too much foreseeing, and just live truly in the moment. Bring yourself to be grateful. I feel by doing this you’ll recognise some really life changing moments this week with it. It can happen extremely quickly, and likewise as a long process.

The third card is from the Tarot of a Moon Garden deck, and is the Two of Cups. This card typically means by default – being two cups – a unified union. Use this in the reflection of you and your life. Though we can’t see if the cups are full or empty – remember that either way there is a positive. Share what you can with your life cup, and your life cup will share with you what it can. Life is not simply “happening” to you, but rather you and life are working in unison.

The fourth card is from the same deck, and is the Empress card. This beautiful card signifies the act of nurturing, abundance and fertility. Allow this message to come to you in the form of trusting in your life and the journey the Universe is bringing you on. As mentioned, your life and you are working in unison – so nurture your life and your life will reflect what you’ve given it. An abundance mindset is necessary in experiencing life to the fullest – even when you don’t have everything you want. The Empress on this card also has wings – use this as a message that as such with the weekly reading – this one is asking you to accept new journeys, changes, and happenings.

The fifth card is from the same deck and is the Eight of Swords. This card is a tricky one, as it does have a negative connotation attached to it. Swords typically are dangerous, the subject on the card is covering their eyes, showing that they’re scared of what is around or in front of them. However – use this as a message of empowerment. Remember what greatness comes when we remove the blindfold of judgement and see what our options are. What we see is not always what is. It’s important to simply remember that options are all around us. Though this card is deemed negative, or scary, use it as a way to remember empowerment, confidence, freedom, and choice. Take your life into your own hands, and whilst it’s mentioned to allow life to happen – it’s key to take your journey into your own hands too.

Overall, this reading was really empowering. I see a lot of great strength coming from you and coming from the reading. It is reminding you to dig deep in finding your strength & empowerment, and to remember to trust in your life. A gratefulness and consciousness of what is going on & happening in your life is so important in order to be mindful of and to strengthen that relationship with your life. A deep connection, with your life is really what is needed – reflect and edit, look at the areas that bring you sadness – ask yourself if this is a lesson to be learnt or a simple negative that can be removed willingly. Bask in the greatness and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Again, your life is not just happening to you, but rather, you’re working with your life. The Universe is with you, not working against you.

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