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FLAURA 5: The Best Gift Ideas For Summer

FLAURA 5: The Best Gift Ideas For Summer

As we find ourselves halfway through 2020, people all over the UK are looking forward to new beginnings and being able to describe lockdown as a distant memory. However, from the happiness experienced from reunions with friends and family, to the recent Black Lives Matter protests across the country, there are many lessons we can take with us into the new normal.

After the initial boredom splurges and impulse buys of arts and crafts, this time of self-isolation and self-reflection has also meant many of us are considering new ways to shop more responsibly. Whether that be replacing fast fashion choices with eco-friendly options, or using our shopping habits to support small businesses. Importantly, we hope that we will see a continued support, recognition and appreciation of Black-owned businesses. 

If you’re looking for a special gift, the incredible females listed below have got you covered. They have great choices for summer birthdays, if you want to send a little pick-me-up to a friend, or a celebratory gift to the family member who’s just landed a new job. Whichever the occasion, we’re sure the following will inspire you:

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