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Tarot Tuesday: The Week of June 30, 2020.

Tarot Tuesday: The Week of June 30, 2020.


Happy Tuesday! This reading will be about the week ahead, and what is in store for you. As always, remember that these readings are to guide you, but also remember the importance of your own intuition, and to take what resonates most.

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Today’s spread is a simple five card spread, using the Fairy Tarot Card deck, and the Motivation Manifesto deck. This week we will look at what messages the fairies are trying to send to you, and as always, the motivational cards to keep you going through the week!

The first card is the Nine of Autumn card from the Fairy Tarot Card deck. This card is telling us to take a step back and recognise the hard work we have done, and to really allow ourselves to break, rest, and enjoy the fruits of our labour. Likewise, as we know from last week’s new moon solar eclipse in Cancer, we are still quite emotional and in tune with our feelings – therefore as the card shows, allow yourself in this time to be comfortable in your solitude. I feel that after the past few weeks, where I’ve mentioned that there will be a lot of hard work to do, this week really is asking you to enjoy & appreciate what you’ve done or achieved. Likewise, within menstruation cycles, Autumn is usually the season where womxn feel most restful, and wanting to hibernate / relax before the big season of Winter comes. No surprise here, Autumn also means this here, where it is a great transition period to calmly reflect & be proud of what has been done in the Summer and Spring seasons.

Did you feel last week's new moon solar eclipse in Cancer?

The second card is the Four of Summer card from the same deck. This card actually works really well with the first card, as it is reminding you about discontentment with life. Perhaps you are discontent with your job, circle of friends, love life, etc, whilst the first card is asking you to reflect and enjoy, also use this time to reflect on what isn’t working for you too. With all your achievements, and milestones passed, you probably have a greater understanding now of what is best for you. I feel during this week or next week there will be some monumental changes you are implementing into your life. It will either be breaking off a connection that no longer serves you, or taking a career change (small or big!)

The third card is the Seven of Summer and is from the same deck. It really is a beautiful thing when two or more cards come up from the same deck – as it is no coincidence that this happens. The Summer suit is a radiantly positive one, and exudes wanting to share the light, and positivity with everyone! The Seven of Summer again works AMAZING right after the Four of Summer. The Seven is pushing you to remember to take action. So after you recognise what isn’t working for you anymore, take action. You haven’t come this far from staying idle, or silent, you have previously taken action, and steps (no matter big or small) to reaching your dreams or goals, and this week asks you the absolute same. This fairy is also asking that you don’t take things too seriously this week. Remember that by over thinking a lot of things, sometimes that causes us more stress, and worry, than actually just embarking on the journey. Again, with this new change I feel coming, I think it would be best to just embark on it, with minimal thinking, and then afterwards once you’ve begun the journey, look more into the adventure.

The fourth card is from the Motivation Manifesto deck, and reads: “by refusing to bend on our values, we become unbreakable – solid and stable, courageous and certain, men and women of valor, worth, and character. Let us build a life we are proud of.” This card is quite literally asking you, and reminding you to make your life one that you are happy with, and proud of! Staying in our comfort zone is pleasant usually, however this is your chance to really break free, and explore your options – and I really feel you have many!

The final card is also from this deck, and reads: “any dirt or carnage of yesterday belongs nowhere near Now but rather in the dustbin of history, where we need not rummage about.” Whilst it is absolutely important to reflect, and see where we went wrong, what could have been improved on, or to be learnt from, we cannot stay in the past. This card is asking you to remember this, and that in your career or connection change, to not get so attached to the past memories, or feelings you hold. Yes, there will always be some sort of feelings or memories we are so attached to, however sometimes we need to break free from these to really blossom into our next amazing self. Dwelling on the past, usually on hurt or regret, we bring dark & negative feelings into our current & future state. As mentioned it is vital to reflect, however don’t get caught in the net of dwelling. Beware of individuals who will guilt-trip you against your decision. Not everyone will understand quitting something or transitioning away from something, when it doesn’t benefit them!

This week is looking really amazing for you, I can absolutely feel it! The energy from these cards are so strong, and positive, and I am so happy for you. Additionally as we move into the month of July, it really is about some new fresh changes! Whilst there is no pressure to suddenly do something new – new months or years can be greatly inspiring for people to take on changes they didn’t feel they could before. Really reflect on what career changes or connection changes you’re feeling resonate with you. No matter how big or small – whether it’s putting in an additional hour after work to finish bits up so you don’t have to do it tomorrow, or to totally quit your job, or remove yourself from a certain friend circle, or politely set up boundaries, it is all valid and within you! You know what is best for you, and you hold on to the greatest gift ever – your intuition! Use it to it’s fullest extent, and believe in it.

Have a great week, and remember it is within you to create a beautiful, happy, growth inspiring, and bountiful life!

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