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Tarot Tuesday: Have I Ever Been in Love? Or Was I in Denial?

Tarot Tuesday: Have I Ever Been in Love? Or Was I in Denial?

We’ve received a great prompt from a reader that is around the topic of love, and being unsure if they’ve actually experienced it or was in denial. It’s vitally important we all use our intuitions to really feel what we think we’re feeling, and not second guess those emotions or feelings. As a number of things affect how we experience love, such as our family upbringing (did our parents show us love? did our parents exchange love in front of us?) or what we believe from movies, or our own personal ideals, and beliefs, it all contributes to our experiences with love first hand.

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Question asked: “I’m not sure if I’ve ever been in love or if I’ve just been in denial about it. How can I understand this?”

Love is a really intense, but amazing feeling, and experience. Everyone rambles on about how great it is, and those of us who maybe have never experienced it romantically, or in a cliché way, may question if we ever felt it, or if our experiences were real. However, it’s important to note, whatever our feelings are – they are valid, and real.

The first card is from the Fairy Tarot Card deck, and is the King of Summer card. The card reads the vibe of a romantic partner you can trust, and that there is excellent advice coming that was birthed from the heart. If anything, this card is exuding the fact that what we feel within our hearts, are usually our honest feelings. The King of Summer is also to be trusted immensely, he is honorable with his promises, and can be confided in with no doubt. I feel there was someone who you immensely trusted, and did / still have a strong connection with. They cared about you deeply, and without a doubt you cared about them a lot too. For whatever reason, there may have been a separation, perhaps because of distance.

The second card is from the Tarot of a Moon Garden deck, and is the Eight of Pentacles. This card presents the meaning of apprenticeship, craftsmanship, hard work, and personal effort. I get this feeling that by seeing the term apprenticeship, that this love or connection of yours was one that really taught you a lot. It perhaps taught you a lot about love, or was the first really big feeling of this you had. The reason you’re second guessing if you did feel this, is something you have to deeply look into yourself for. Did they hurt you through the distance, and therefore you question if it ever was love? Something to remember is that, for example with tattoos – I heavily believe that I couldn’t regret a tattoo – because in that very moment, that was what I wanted, and it was a memory I’ll hold from a point in my life. So in terms of not being sure if you were in love, perhaps find the reason for feeling this way. And remember even if the relation ended in hurt, it doesn’t mean you didn’t experience love at some point in it. It’s a beautiful thing to experience love, but completely okay to remove yourself from the relation or to go separate ways.

The third card is from the Fairy Tarot Card deck, and is the card is The Star. This is a very positive card – the fairy is very much so asking you to stay hopeful, positive, and keep faith in what’s to come. This is not to ask you to sit around waiting for love, but rather create & invest in a life you love so much, that you find love in other areas of your life. Love doesn’t have to be just romantic, and rightfully so – many of us drive ourselves crazy waiting for “the one” to make us feel love. Create love within yourself, in your circle, in your career, start with yourself.

The fourth, and final card is from the Tarot of a Moon Garden deck, and is the Page of Cups card. This card is positive in the sense that it is sharing with you the connection of reflectiveness, cadence, and the willingness to work on a certain goal or journey. Again, I go back to what I said above – love doesn’t have to be romantic, and from you I get this sense of wanting to create a life that you love, whether or not it includes a romantic partner. Sometimes, the best love comes from offering ourselves to others in terms of helping them or shining positivity on them. This card can also mean that something new is coming. Going to our weekly Tarot reading, this week is a great week for trying something new / transitioning from old ways. This doesn’t have to be a physical change, but it can also be a change in your mindset, or the way you think. Going back to asking yourself why you are questioning if you ever experienced love – reflect on this question and map out why you feel this way. The Page of Cups also surrounds itself with curiosity – again, allow yourself to be curious, ask deep questions, and explore your feelings around this.

Overall, there is no right or wrong answer, in terms of if you have ever felt love or not. Some of us are aromantic, some of us have childhood experiences that shaped how we experience love (romantically or platonically), and some of us just simply haven’t experienced it with the particular people we are around. There is no wrong answer to how you feel, but more importantly it’s vital to trust your intuition and explore why you feel this way. Society puts this huge fixation on “finding love” and the joys of experiencing it – and while there are so many joys to feeling and sharing love, there are likewise an abundance of positive things we can experience in our lives and love doesn’t have to be solely romantic. My advice is to truly reflect, dive deep into your psyche & heart, and firstly start creating a life that you love deeply, before searching for any sort of romantic connection. Begin with yourself, and give yourself love, as that is one of the most concrete experiences we have – with ourselves.

Have you ever been in love?

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