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Take Care of your Financial Wellbeing with These Two Investment Companies

Take Care of your Financial Wellbeing with These Two Investment Companies

Taking care of ourselves isn’t only limited our bodies or our minds. Our financial wellbeing plays a huge part in our overall health and ability to pursue wellness choices and habits, ultimately making our lives better. There are numerous ways we can take care of our financial health – budgeting, saving, making more money etc. One such way is through investment. We’ve found two companies that help us do this with our wellbeing always as a priority.


Investing can seem like an incredibly daunting task when you’re first starting out, but Ellevest makes it easier by offering you personalised advice and tools. It allows you to input your goals and budgets, and adapts to your age and lifestyle. The site basically acts as a fiduciary (acting on behalf of you in a capcity of trust) to make investments and build a portfolio for you. The fact that it’s tailored for women makes it all the more special, as women have been shown to invest differently to men. Ellevest is only available in the US right now, but we’re eagerly awaiting its expansion to other territories.

From our article 5 Great Resources for Learning About Money Management

As Ellevest founder Sallie Krawcheck told The Helm: “If we tell women, and we make women believe, that it’s unattractive to talk about money, then they will not talk about money. And as you know, money is power, and therefore women will lack power because they will lack money.”


Another investment company that knows the importance of financial wellbeing is Blackrock. The company not only priorities sustainable investment (through its pioneering environmental-sustainability cash management strategy), but is also guided by its mission “to help more and more people invest in their financial wellbeing”. This means that whether you choose to invest with Blackrock via a stockbroker, financial adviser, or another method, you’ll know that they’ll be putting your financial future first.

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